“Those were the best days of my life”


A great journey, spanning two long years

Brought us many a joy, with a few tears..

What started as a dull and lousy day,

Has now ended in a real grand way.

Friends we made, along the steep path

Difficult it is now, for us to stay apart..

All those lectures we tried listening to

We will now miss (Oh yes! It’s true. J)

Love, heart-break and madness in bits

Did leave us all in really high ‘spirits’!

We part from here, letting bygones be,

Bidding a final goodbye to Life @ TAPMI…

Nikhil Prabhu, Batch of 2012


Outgoing batch leaves their green footprints

SEG Tree Plantation Batch 2008-2010
SEG Tree Plantation Batch 2008-2010

The Social Endeavour Group(SEG) of TAPMI organized a tree plantation event on 2nd April 2010. The initiative stemmed from the idea of having each FAS* group of the outgoing batch (2008-10) plant a sapling each. The saplings would be identified by the names / photos of the students of the respective groups. This enabled the outgoing batch to leave behind their mark in the college and Team SEG hopes it would make them happy to see their saplings grow into full trees in the years to come as and when the outgoing batch members visit the campus next.

The event was held a day before the convocation when the students of the batch of 2008-2010 arrived to campus for attending the convocation. The area identified for planting the saplings was around the flattened land on the way to the Boys hostel. Representatives from each group planted the saplings, covered them with soil and watered them.

– Social Endeavour Group

*FAS Group : Yes that’s the student working group into which the incoming batch here @ TAPMI is divided for all the group assignments ,submissions, presentations and what not. They work together, they fight, they crib still end up as a closely knit family with no option other than to love each other !!!!!