TAPMI CXO Leadership Lecture Series: Session by Mr Arun Gollapudi, CEO of Systech Solutions


TAPMI hosted the next instalment in the CxO Leadership Lecture series by inviting Mr Arun Gollapudi, CEO of Systech Solutions on September 29th 2014. He was accompanied by Mr Ashish Parikh, CFO at Systech Solutions.

Mr Arun started the lecture by speaking about TAPMI and the recent infrastructural developments that have happened in the campus with special mention about the state-of-the-art Bloomberg Lab. He expressed heartfelt gratitude for the founder of TAPMI, Dr TMA Pai who has been an inspiration for many.

He went on to speak about the recent technological changes that are happening in Analytics and importance of storing data and the information that is extracted from data. He said that practical application is more important that mere theoretical knowledge.


According to Mr Arun, it is very important to take decision quickly, especially given the fast paced times in which we live. He gave examples about the how government has started hiring fresh MBA graduates in order to strengthen their skills in the field of Business Intelligence and Analytics. The corporate investments in Big Data technologies has also increased manifold, with companies ready to pay third party vendors in order to get information in visual format for quicker decision making.

He spoke about the way the focus has shifted from manufacturing to the customer and how importance it is to achieve sustainability in the technological advancements we are making. According to him, In the current scenario focus should be on innovation and entrepreneurship.


At the end of the session he invited questions from the students and answered them with real life examples. The students found the session highly informational and insightful and benefitted from the experience and knowledge shared by Mr Arun Gollapudi. The TAPMI family stays highly indebted to Mr Arun and Mr Ashish for taking time out from their busy schedules and thanked them for the interaction.


An Overview of Talent Management by Mr. Sanjay Srivastava

Mr. Sanjay Srivastava starting his speech on Talent Management

Sanjay Srivastava is currently working with AstraZeneca Pharma as an Associate Director – HR and heads HR for Cardiovascular & Metabolic businesses. He is also the India head for L&D and OD. Sanjay brings in 14 years of rich experience in the IT & Pharmaceutical industry having worked in India and in the US. He has worked with companies like Cognizant, AOL, Freescale and brings expertise in the areas of Compensation & Benefits, International HRM & Strategic Business Partnering, Talent Management & Organizational Development.

Sanjay is also certified in MBTI & FIRO – B and is currently undergoing certification in Organizational Development with “Sumedhas Academy of Human Context”. He holds a graduate degree in B. Pharm. from Jadavpur University and MBA in HR from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune.

Sanjay has been involved with various B Schools like Symbiosis, ISB&M & Great lakes on varied initiatives like guest lectures, Campus to Corporate transitions, student admission process. He loves playing cricket, reading, travelling and practicing Yoga.

Sanjay started off by speaking about the evolution of HR function and the trends in HR. then he spent some time on how Talent Management is aligned to business priorities. If  the companies HR priorities are high performance, great place to work, retention, talent attraction and capability building then the company needs talent management like identification, succession, development, skill gap, performance and acceleration. Then he went into translating the talent strategy into the workforce needs.

He elaborated about the Talent Management lifecycle, and focused on the key pointers specially the “ready now ready later” and how it is done in AstraZeneca Pharma. He talked about how the process is developed, retention is done and a strong pipeline of leaders is maintained. He talked about the various models used in AstraZeneca to measure potential, productivity and if a person can deal with complex roles.

Mr. Sanjay Srivastava enlightening the students on the evolution of the HR function

Then he talked about their USP which is their IDP – Individual development plan that is a personalized development plan which is tailor made for each person. The plan can be education based, relationship based or experience based. He made every one think by saying we should always be ourselves because only then there will be an organization culture to person fit. He finished by talking about Talent Management outcomes and examples of what the companies outside are doing in Talent Management. He signed off with a quote “It is impossible to take part in the adventure if you are a spectator on the side-lines. Taking part in the Adventure is about getting in the game and having a stake in the game. We need each one of you to help create a World Class Institution.”

Colors of TAPMI by Team Yellow

TAPMI … Lets have it this way … I knew I was going into a B-School and should not have expected anything more than studies and assignments … but within the second day of my stay I got to see a glimpse of the “Main Hoon Na” college I always wanted to be in … blame the SEC Induction program !! The glimpse ignited the fire within … and expectations went high … But Time flew … Days went by … Hours turned into Days and Days into a Month … “Where the Hell is SRK and team from MHN” … aahahhaha  … day dreams buddy … day dreams … We had realised then that TAPMI GOD had taken control over the entire scenario (TAPMI GOD is the unknown supernatural power in this whole dynamism … We will get to know more on him later as we proceed).


Skipping the loaded one month … Come to the Night when the Knights of LitComs Rise in TAPMI … Its a mutiny destined every year … Its an uprising against the powers of TAPMILAND … “Can we have a break !!” … “What are you talking all about ??” … Hold on guys … let me finish off … Its the Night of launch of “Episode”, …. “Cut the boring case buddy” … We ain’t here for the “Saas Bahu, Pati Patni aur Wo” Crap … “Please Spare us” … !!! “Naah Naah … Not the daily episodes you guys are thinking of” … Its the First Major event that happens here in TAPMI … “Ice Breaker” between the Senies and Junies … “The best week ever you will have in TAPMI” … “The Stress Reliever”, “The Fun Time”, “The Gala Time” … etc etc … You name an adjective and you will find it here in the “Episode” – All these thoughts coming from the Senies had me excited again… “Wow !! Guys !! Will I be able to reach to the MHN theme … I would be so so grateful to destiny”.


But all this happening against the will of TAPMI GOD of course … so see the TG change dynamism of forces here and turn them against you … See those assignments and Quizes go up in numbers … See faculties pinching you in name of Episode … See them pointing out people at sleep … (As If we were not doing that till day but the TAPMI GOD is in driver’s seat so bear the consequences now) … But We stand firm … Firmer than the Roots of Himalayas … We Stand Strong … Stronger than the Tsunami waves … !! We represent the “Spirit of TAPMI” … We are the Tapmians. With our Senies by us we will fly in high and touch skies. The spirit was so high that we so much wanted to listen these words from our President / Captains before the launch:



“Good evening. In less than an hour, a launch from here will join others from around the TAPMI campus, and you will be launching the largest battle in the history of TAPMILAND. Tapmians. That word should have new meaning for all of us today. We are so different from one another, We are Blue / Red / Green / Yellow / Black / White, Yet we can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps it’s fate that today is the Twenty Fourth of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom. Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution… but from annihilation. We’re fighting for our right to live and fun. To exist. And should we win the battle, the Twenty Fourth of July will no longer be known as an Fun Day, but as the day when the Tapmians declared in one voice: We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our Episode Day!”

Those words were not said. Those words will never be said. But those words are how we are going to be in coming Tough but Fun Times. Times will see the waves of Team Spirit turn the tides against the forces that drive TAPMILAND. A word here “The Times ahead are tough but with all of us around, We will be an Atheist, We don’t give you a damn TAPMI GOD”. We are team Yellow … The YTM … We are the Fire >>>

Team Yellow