DISHA 2016: DAY 5: SOPHOS: DESIGN THINKING: “Crafting the employee experience”- Mr. Kalyanraman Srinivasan, Senior Manager HR, Renault Nissan


In an interactive session with students, Mr. Kalyanaraman Srnivasan talked about the four types of thinking: design, creative, lateral and innovative. He described how each of these types can be applied by organizations to come up with innovative solutions to many of their problems. Organizations have failed in implementing this because of the huge amount of analysis that is required beforehand to do it. It also depends on Infrastructure and nature of the business. Organisations should not just try to adopt it successfully, but also anticipate how their competitor will look into their design thinking. The combination of innovation, creativity, and engineering skills plays a major role in the implementation.

He further added that innovative thinking is a gift of creativity. All these types of thinking are increasingly being applied by organizations to access and analyse the performance of a product before it is actually launched in the market. Design thinking is easy to implement but extremely challenging to sustain. We are living in a world full of uncertainty and, organisations have to be very careful before taking each and every step. One decision might paralyze the whole system; so brainstorming plays a crucial role in making sure that organisations take wise decisions.

As the session approached the end he spoke about the three important pillars of design thinking. The structure of design thinking rests upon the foundation of technology, business, and human values. Without these three, one can never think of successfully implementing design thinking. All three of these foundations demand innovation and dedicated efforts, but in the end, benefits outweigh the process.



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