TAPMI-Atharva Intra College B Plan Competition – Sambhavana 2015

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In this ever competing life of a budding manager, every minute is valued. Be it submitting a project report or sealing a deal with your business plan. Tapmi-Atharva has given a platform that instills the same in the minds of the students. In their intra-TAPMI B-Plan event “Sambhavana” you get 10 minutes to convince your judges how worthy your business plan is. Students’ hard work and creativity for many a days comes down to these ten minutes. It’s a make or break decision!  One winner will get a chance to enter into the grand finale of the oldest and the most stimulating national B-School competition – “Sankalp”. Let’s gather some insights about Sambhavana 2015.


This year “Sambhavana” had six shortlisted teams – five from PGP1 and one from PGP2. The event was graced by judges Prof. Rajiv Shah and Prof. Sudeep Kumar – members of the faculty who are also experts in the domain of business plan analysis. The team from PGP2 was “Team Salt Mango Tree” comprising of Swapna, Ranjit and Arun. The teams from PGP1 were “Team NaMo” comprising of Shivam, Peush and Devang; “Straw hat Crew” which included of Sriram, Ravitheja and Teja; “Victorious Agents” having Abhishek and Ravi; “By 2 Coffee” with Aditya and Natesh and “Team Flavor” comprising of Aparna and Shreya.

In the two and half hour battle, every team got 20 minutes. Ten minutes to propose and explain their B-Plan and next ten minutes to sustain their plan from the array of questions by judges and audience. The Q&A round exceeding ten minutes for every team was a proof that it wasn’t a less arduous task. Teams not only had to answer the questions but also needed to make sure that the judges and the audience were convinced by the same.

Each team presented a unique idea which tickled the gray cells of every listener. The amount of hard work they put in was clearly visible from their thought processes, presentations and explanations. Each team had ideas from varied domains allowing their creative wings to explore. “Team Namo” presented an interesting app “Hello Doctor” through which a patient can reach a remote doctor while “Straw Hat Crew” presented an app for the trekkers. “Victorious Agents” presented their plan of starting a Skydiving firm “SkyFall Goa” and “By 2 Coffee” presented “Z-Axis” a 3-D printing business service module. “Team Flavor” added desi flavor by an idea of an online portal for handicrafts across the country while “Salt Mango Tree” presented a business model about facility management.

Everyone came out of the room becoming a bit extra knowledgeable and leaving the judges for the daunting task ahead. Now, it is a real tough challenge for the judges to select one team that would qualify for the finals. Participants cross their fingers as the results are awaited.

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TAPMI successfully hosts the 12th edition of “Quiz On The Beach”

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The 12th edition of “Quiz on the Beach”TM (QoTBTM)DSC_0199, the flagship event of TAPMI, was successfully held on the exquisite sands of Kaup beach, and was well complemented with a scenic Arabian Sea sunset on January 4, 2015. The participants from Amity University – Abhimanyu Bhadauria and Sreshth Shah were declared Grand Finale Winners of QoTBTM 2015 with a grand cash prize of 6 lakhs! Participants from NALSAR University of Law and IIT-Madras were judged runner-up, winning 3 lakhs and second runner-up, winning 1 lakh, respectively.

QOTB collage18 teams had qualified for the Semi-finals which took place earlier in the day at TAPMI’s Badagabettu Campus at Manipal, including teams from all over the country and Dubai. Giri ‘Pickbrain’ Balasubramaniam of the TATA Crucible fame was delighted to be the Quiz Grandmaster for the Semi-finals as well as the Finals. In an exciting set of three Semi-final rounds, 8 teams progressed into the Grand Finale: Amity University, IIT-Madras, IIFT-Kolkata, NALSAR University of Law, Christ University Bangalore, BMS Bangalore, BITS Pilani – Dubai Campus and BIT Mesra – Ras Al Khaimah – UAE.

DSC_0011The city level qualifiers were conducted in seven locations across India – Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Kolkata and Manipal – along with an International qualifier in Dubai. An online qualifier was also conducted to provide an opportunity for contestants from remote locations to participate and be a part of QOTBTM 2015. TAPMI was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the participants of both the City and Online qualifiers.

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TAPMI among top 5 teams in the World Cup of competitions.

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The ceremony hosted by the Mahindra Group, Broadvision and covered by CNBC – TV18 was held at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai and attended by some of the top industrialists in India including Mr. Anand Mahindra himself.



Mahindra War Room season 7 saw India’s best 36 B-schools fight it out to provide innovative solutions to different case studies covering various sectors. There were three rounds viz. Campus Round, CEO Round and President’s round. Each round was elimination round. The Team Garvit from TAPMI, Manipal comprising of Girish Hemnani, Shivam Sinha, Vineet Jain and Deepak Kumar shined into the competition as wild card entry from the South Zone. After becoming South Zonal Champions, the team entered the CEO round comprising of 22 teams. Since the team picked the Aftermarket business, they presented in front of CEOs of Aftermarket Business and Agri market business. The team successfully qualified for the Presidential round. The team then presented their ideas and solutions of the case to Group Executive Board of Mahindra Group which comprised of eminent leaders like Mr. Pawan Goenka(Executive Director & President), VS Parthasarathy (CFO, Mahindra Group), Mr. SP Shukla(President – Group Strategy), and Mr. Anish Shah(President – Group Special Projects).​


After the presentation, Prakash Wakankar, CEO – Mahindra Retail praised the team for their outstanding performance during the final round. The team from TAPMI stood 5th and was inducted in Mahindra Hall of Fame.


It was a true vindication of the excellent pedagogy and industry readiness of TAPMI students as they were South Zonal Champions last year but couldn’tn’t make it to National finals.

TAPMI CXO Leadership Lecture Series: Guest Session by Mr. Damodar Mall, CEO – Reliance Retail

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TAPMI welcomed Mr.Damodar Mall, the man behind Big Bazaar, DMart and who is now with Reliance Retail. Mr. Mall is the author of the acclaimed book “Supermarketwalla : Secrets to Winning Consumer India” . Much of his interaction revolved around the contents of the book: why retailers should make room for the “elbow push factor”, how to stop short of becoming a “shopkeeper-in-law”, and what to design for the “Gold-collared man”, among other things.


Mr. Mall discussed about the rapidly changing demographics and psychographics of the Indian population which has given rise to new opportunities and new challenges for the marketer. One area where we see the effect of this change is in retail.There is no longer one solution for all and it has become imperative to get to know consumers at close quarters to be able to talk to them meaningfully.Mr Mall talked about the changing roles and ways of the modern consumer and the aspects of behaviour that define a person’s attitude to retail.


The interaction was very enlightening for the students as the speaker shared a lot of insights from the retail sector. He also answered various questions put forward by students. The guest lecture conducted by Mr. Mall at TAPMI was a great learning experience for the students, future retail managers and those who crave to understand consumer dynamics.

Guest Lecture by Ms. Ronita Mukharjee , Senior Client manager, Landor Associates.

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On 6th December,2014 Ms.Ronita Mukharjee, the Senior Client manager,  Landor Associates graced TAPMI with her presence and gave students an insight to the world of branding. She started briefing about Landor Associates, being the oldest branding company started by Walter Landor. Walter Landor was a German product designer who started his company in 1941 while he was in San Francisco at a product exhibition. Landor has defined the meaning of branding and how we know of it today. Ms.Mukharjee showed us the logo of her company which was a big ship, she added that the very heritage begins with the Klamath.  Their first office was a big ship equipped with impeccable infrastructure which included an amphitheatre and also clients enjoyed coming to their office.

Ms.Ronita Mukharjee spoke about how the culture and tradition is inculcated in their offices as well as in every Landor employee. Ms. Mukharjee took students into the world of branding and mentioned the prolific work of  Landor  with almost every brand we come across on a daily basis, for example Citibank, Café Coffee Day, FedEx, etc.

Ms.Mukharjee then talked about the services provided by Landor associates which includes Strategic designing, number crunching, brand image, logo creation, brand engagement and also employee engagement.

Ms.Ronita Mukharjee then engaged the students in a game where a picture of a product like Apple, and then asked the crowd what if apple was a hotel? What characteristics would we attach to it ? Likewise she showed pictures of BMW and what characteristics it would hold if it were a musical instrument. Then she told the students that the exercise was to voice the brand perception, brand image and brand recall that the Apple and BMW hold.  

She further spoke about the difference between brand and branding, the main difference is that brand is something the firm believes is their product and branding the message that’s sent out through advertising and other marketing means which creates brand perception. “Brand is the story or meaning and branding is the signals that give the customer an experience”, she added.  She ended the lecture with stating the most important characteristics of branding which are : Effectiveness, emotional connect, commanding a premium, reducing the risk for expansions and to galvanize employees.​

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Homage by TAPMI to Late Shri Manjunath Shanmugan- 19th November 2014

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On 19th November 2014, nine years after the unjust murder of Manjunath Shanmugan, the students of T.A Pai Management Institute paid homage to this brave soul who chose to pursue truth and integrity. An IIM Lucknow alumnus who was working at Indian Oil Corp, Manjunath was devoted to curbing oil malpractices and was a relentless fighter against corruption of any form. He was murdered on this same day in 2005 by a petrol pump owner and seven accomplices.

In December 2009, the justice due to him was granted as all eight accused were found guilty and the main accused – the petrol pump owner – was given the death penalty. The quick justice was brought by the will and determination of the Manjunath Shanmugan Trust. Today this ensures that people who uphold the values of truth and honesty in Indian public life are recognized and awarded and also helps citizens learn and understand about the Right to Information Act.

A man who chose to follow his conscience and rose against the oil mafia in UP, knowing full well the consequences is definitely a man worthy of being remembered for years to come. As proof of this fact, the students of TAPMI organized a candlelight march on this day to honor his memory.


The event was orchestrated and well managed by the Student Executive Council of TAPMI and by 6:30 PM in the evening ( the scheduled time of the march ), there was a good steady number of students being handed out candles and pledge sheets. The event was marked by a speech by the class representative, BKFS, Siddharth Madhavan. He spoke about the life of honestly and sincerity led by Manjunath and the kind of ideals and principles he upheld till his last breath.  Afterwards the each and every student took a pledge to set an example through ethical conduct and to report and reject all corruption and immoral practices. The students pledged to lead of life of honesty, integrity and service to the society. The pledge was concluded by everyone lighting their candles on the ground and narrating the national anthem. The shine of the row of lit candles on the ground indeed spoke a thousand words and the memory of this honest crusader of justice was cherished by all.

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Guest Lecture by Mr. Puneet Mehrotra, Director – Industrial BU, TE Connectivity

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Mr. Puneet Mehrotra, Director – Industrial BU, TE Connectivity interacted with the students of T. A. Pai Management Institute by delivering a guest lecture on the 14th November, 2014. Mr. Mehrotra is an Electronics Engineer and also holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow with a specialization in Strategy and Marketing. Mr. Mehrotra has rich experience in the field of B2B Marketing and Sales and has served in top management positions for various organizations like TE Connectivity, Belden India, AREVA T & D India and Rockwell Automation India Pvt Ltd. In the interaction with students, Mr. Mehrotra discussed and classified the customers he has encountered in B2B Marketing and Sales ranging from small to medium Indian enterprises to multinational companies.

He discussed in detail the buying behaviour and level of standardization that was seen among the different types of customers and the changing trends in B2B Marketing and Sales. The students especially enjoyed the time he spent in talking about the process of negotiation undertaken by small Indian companies and independent entrepreneurs. Mr. Puneet Mehrotra, in his lecture, also compared the sales and marketing strategies of B2B and B2C marketing by examining the similarities and differences that existed between the two areas of marketing with respect to strategy and customer behaviour.

The interaction was particularly enlightening for the students as the speaker shared a lot of personal experiences and anecdotes from his career in the field of marketing from the perspective of a manager. Mr. Puneet Mehrotra also answered the various questions put forward by students who were keen to know about the working of the industry from a practical standpoint and understand the business from the viewpoint of an experienced manager. The guest lecture conducted by Mr. Puneet Mehrotra at TAPMI was a great learning experience for the students.

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