TAPMI among top 5 teams in the World Cup of competitions.

The ceremony hosted by the Mahindra Group, Broadvision and covered by CNBC – TV18 was held at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai and attended by some of the top industrialists in India including Mr. Anand Mahindra himself.



Mahindra War Room season 7 saw India’s best 36 B-schools fight it out to provide innovative solutions to different case studies covering various sectors. There were three rounds viz. Campus Round, CEO Round and President’s round. Each round was elimination round. The Team Garvit from TAPMI, Manipal comprising of Girish Hemnani, Shivam Sinha, Vineet Jain and Deepak Kumar shined into the competition as wild card entry from the South Zone. After becoming South Zonal Champions, the team entered the CEO round comprising of 22 teams. Since the team picked the Aftermarket business, they presented in front of CEOs of Aftermarket Business and Agri market business. The team successfully qualified for the Presidential round. The team then presented their ideas and solutions of the case to Group Executive Board of Mahindra Group which comprised of eminent leaders like Mr. Pawan Goenka(Executive Director & President), VS Parthasarathy (CFO, Mahindra Group), Mr. SP Shukla(President – Group Strategy), and Mr. Anish Shah(President – Group Special Projects).​


After the presentation, Prakash Wakankar, CEO – Mahindra Retail praised the team for their outstanding performance during the final round. The team from TAPMI stood 5th and was inducted in Mahindra Hall of Fame.


It was a true vindication of the excellent pedagogy and industry readiness of TAPMI students as they were South Zonal Champions last year but couldn’tn’t make it to National finals.


MANTHAN 2014 – A Panel Discussion on the Union Budget 2014


‘Manthan 2014’ is a Budget Analysis session of the Union Budget 2014-15, which was organized by the Finance Forum at TAPMI on July 12, 2014. The panel discussion was attended by finance professionals from industry, academia, faculty and students to discuss and analyze the implications, challenges and the opportunities of the Union Budget of 2014-15.

The panelists for Manthan 2014 included eminent personalities from the world of finance and academia. They were Dr. G V Joshi (Member of Karnataka State Planning Board), C. A. Y. Ganesh (Senior Chartered Accountant) and Prof. Avinash Paranjape.

The panel discussion commenced with Dr. G V Joshi speaking about the Budget 2014 and its implication on growth and development. He started by comparing the current Budget with the earlier budgets. He was of the opinion that the current Union Budget had sufficient measures to expedite the growth rate. However, he also felt that it was too optimistic and need of the hour was to generate growth impulses, for which realism was the best approach. He highlighted with supporting facts that at present, generating growth impulses in Agriculture and service sector was not possible. “Green shoots are present, provided we seize the available opportunities” said Dr. Joshi. He specifically talked about the role Manufacturing sector could play to create more jobs as all manufacturing companies are looking for opportunities in India due to increase in Labour costs in China. He threw light on many initiatives that were mentioned in the current budget to supplement the growth of manufacturing sector. He also cautioned the gathering that everything was not perfect in the current Budget and that there was an element of populism in it. He concluded his talk with the opinion that populist measures were not good for the growth of the nation.

The second speaker in the panel was Prof. Avinash Paranjape who gave a macroeconomic perspective of the Union Budget. Prof. Paranjape thought that the budget was fantastic at first look with lots of money allocated to building infrastructure, SEZ etc. But then, he wondered how the government is going to gain the sufficient amount of money to make its proposals a reality. He highlighted that the current macroeconomic situation had twin deficits: Current account and the fiscal deficit. Worse, the economy had a continuing primary deficit and also the international confidence was low. So he was unable to gauge where the money was going to come from. Government also has a fiscal deficit target limit of 4.1%. Under these situations there will be accelerated borrowing from the government. Hence, he believes that the government expectations are far from reality.

The third and final speaker in the panel discussion was Mr. C. A. Y. Ganesh. He elaborated on the tax perspective of the union budget 2014-15. He explained in detail the various changes made in the tax structure and its implications. Mr. Ganesh opined that the present budget gave importance to manufacturing sector. He also explained the new concepts that found its way in the current budget like real estate investment trust and alternate minimum tax.

‘Manthan 2014’ ended with discussion on questions been taken up from the audience. The panel discussion enriched the audience by giving them various dimensions of the Budget 2014-15.

Colors of TAPMI by Team Yellow

TAPMI … Lets have it this way … I knew I was going into a B-School and should not have expected anything more than studies and assignments … but within the second day of my stay I got to see a glimpse of the “Main Hoon Na” college I always wanted to be in … blame the SEC Induction program !! The glimpse ignited the fire within … and expectations went high … But Time flew … Days went by … Hours turned into Days and Days into a Month … “Where the Hell is SRK and team from MHN” … aahahhaha  … day dreams buddy … day dreams … We had realised then that TAPMI GOD had taken control over the entire scenario (TAPMI GOD is the unknown supernatural power in this whole dynamism … We will get to know more on him later as we proceed).


Skipping the loaded one month … Come to the Night when the Knights of LitComs Rise in TAPMI … Its a mutiny destined every year … Its an uprising against the powers of TAPMILAND … “Can we have a break !!” … “What are you talking all about ??” … Hold on guys … let me finish off … Its the Night of launch of “Episode”, …. “Cut the boring case buddy” … We ain’t here for the “Saas Bahu, Pati Patni aur Wo” Crap … “Please Spare us” … !!! “Naah Naah … Not the daily episodes you guys are thinking of” … Its the First Major event that happens here in TAPMI … “Ice Breaker” between the Senies and Junies … “The best week ever you will have in TAPMI” … “The Stress Reliever”, “The Fun Time”, “The Gala Time” … etc etc … You name an adjective and you will find it here in the “Episode” – All these thoughts coming from the Senies had me excited again… “Wow !! Guys !! Will I be able to reach to the MHN theme … I would be so so grateful to destiny”.


But all this happening against the will of TAPMI GOD of course … so see the TG change dynamism of forces here and turn them against you … See those assignments and Quizes go up in numbers … See faculties pinching you in name of Episode … See them pointing out people at sleep … (As If we were not doing that till day but the TAPMI GOD is in driver’s seat so bear the consequences now) … But We stand firm … Firmer than the Roots of Himalayas … We Stand Strong … Stronger than the Tsunami waves … !! We represent the “Spirit of TAPMI” … We are the Tapmians. With our Senies by us we will fly in high and touch skies. The spirit was so high that we so much wanted to listen these words from our President / Captains before the launch:



“Good evening. In less than an hour, a launch from here will join others from around the TAPMI campus, and you will be launching the largest battle in the history of TAPMILAND. Tapmians. That word should have new meaning for all of us today. We are so different from one another, We are Blue / Red / Green / Yellow / Black / White, Yet we can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps it’s fate that today is the Twenty Fourth of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom. Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution… but from annihilation. We’re fighting for our right to live and fun. To exist. And should we win the battle, the Twenty Fourth of July will no longer be known as an Fun Day, but as the day when the Tapmians declared in one voice: We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our Episode Day!”

Those words were not said. Those words will never be said. But those words are how we are going to be in coming Tough but Fun Times. Times will see the waves of Team Spirit turn the tides against the forces that drive TAPMILAND. A word here “The Times ahead are tough but with all of us around, We will be an Atheist, We don’t give you a damn TAPMI GOD”. We are team Yellow … The YTM … We are the Fire >>>

Team Yellow

Episode ’11 Kicks off!

EPISODE, the first major event of TAPMI which lays the foundation for the bonding that develops between the senior and the junior batches, started off on a wonderful note.

Six teams make EPISODE this year, namely:

          – Agents of Chaos

          – Avataar

          – FBI

          – Freaks

          – Mad Hatters

          – S.O.S

The teams are being led by Mr Vivek Rathi, Mr Krishna Chaitanya, Mr Sandeep Nayak, Mr Gandharv Raj Sethi, Ms Rashmi Manani and Mr Karan Budhiraja respectively from the PGP 2 batch. The colours that the teams have chosen to represent them are Black, Blue, Green, Purple, White and Red respectively, bringing more colour to TAPMI than ever before. The cafeteria is enough proof of what a combination of these colours can do to the college.

The presentations which were done with a mix of class, insightfulness and creativity to induct the juniors into one of the six teams raised the expectations of all, and the way they surpassed all expectations was a sight to be seen and remembered!

The whole college is now looking forward to this 7-day extravaganza. Let the Games Begin!


-Media & Industry Relations Committee

Team Atharva starts with IPL Bang

On Sunday March 28th , the IPL fever gripped the TAPMI campus all over courtesy Team Atharva 2010-11. The new team at Atharva decided to open its innings in a grand display of what it does best – put a smile on people’s faces. Atharva 2010-11 organized a screening of the Indian Premier League cricket match between the Mumbai Indians and the Deccan Chargers on the TAPMI campus.

The mood was jubilant as students looked forward to an action packed match with fans of both teams in high spirits. And then there were many who witnessed the event just for the love of the game. As the game progressed, the action got even more intense and the parched souls in the crowd were rescued by the biscuits and water bottles distributed by the BrandScan team in true TAPMI spirit. With every ball, the cries of jubilation and despair could be heard in equal numbers. One could almost feel the nerves of the supporters of either of the teams. Every wicket was applauded and every run was cheered for. Such was the spirit of the game.

In the lovely evening weather, the cries of the fans charged up the atmosphere even more. Anxious students were so glued to the big screen that dinner and books did not seem such lucrative options anymore. The only thing missing was a tub of popcorn to complete the stadium experience.

This evening event gave the PGDM students a chance to unwind from their hectic daily routines and enjoy their favorite sport in the company of their friends under the pleasant open sky. And this would not have been possible without the efforts of the students and the assistance provided by other committees. We look forward to conduct more such events in the near future.

To know more about the Atharva visit here

– Team Atharva