IPL is an excellent platform where different teams play the battle called cricket but there also runs a parallel battle off field where many companies play the game to create an impression in the viewers mind in those short time slots available. The game here fought depends on the batting order or the quick runs they make in those few balls. The batting order refers to the order of the advertisements aired in the respective break; it may be just after the wicket or just before the next over starts and the no of balls refer to number of seconds available to telecast. Many players across different industries have played this Advertising Premier League (APL) this IPL3. Some interesting findings about the different players’ performances, strike rates and averages have come out in our study.

Figure 1.Frequency

The most number of advertisements (figure.1) aired was by VODAFONE with the ZOO-ZOO’s providing the entertainment which have already created their fan base. Others on the top were TATA PHOTON PLUS, LG INFINIA & KARBONN. TATA PHOTON PLUS was a “boom boom” player scoring quick runs in few balls.  The Advertisement just showed the price reduction to Rs 2499 in 7 secs and was aired just before the bowler got ready at his mark to bowl the next delivery.

The new IPL season has brought new advertisements and some persisted with their old ones. 93% of the commercials aired during the IPL were new. The zoo-zoo advertisements for instance brought out the new “Power to You” series of advertisements. Other companies Maaza for instance continued the same theme of “Aam ki pyas bujhao” advertisements but with a new ad launched at the time of IPL. Consumer electronics items like mobile phones, T.V etc were the most frequently aired sector. The new low cost Mobile companies like karbonn, Micromaxx and Lava etc. stole the show.

The commercials varied across different types from humor to Energy. Most of the advertisements (26 %) were informative (figure.2) & 21 % were inspirational as they inspire the viewer and addresses the aspirations of the viewer especially the youth. 18 % of the advertisements used humor to put the point across and the uniqueness of the content was the hallmark of 12% of the advertisements. Since IPL matches are considered for family viewing, only 1% of the advertisements had sensual content with JK cement being a one OFF.

Figure 2. Types of Ads

The batting order i.e. the slot in the break had the opening batsman VODAFONE scoring most of the times and the pinch hitter being TATA photon plus. The remaining players came at different slots. The slots in the break have different monetary costs associated with it and here comes the role of the advertising firm to select the right slot with his financial limitations. The other sectors included DTH, Insurance, Beverages, Automobiles and FMCG etc. Godrej’s “Go Jiyo” social campaign has created little curiosity initially but got faded away as the tournament progressed.

The key player in an advertisement is the Brand Ambassador may it be the ZOO-ZOO or a celebrity. Advertisements with Akshay Kumar were aired more frequently than any other celebrity based commercials. Abhishek Bachchan’s advertisements were also recurrently aired. Among sports stars, Sehwag and Gambhir together have the maximum number of advertisements aired during IPL 3.

The other prominent forms of advertisments were the Tickers and the In-stadium screen commercials. The In stadium screen Ads which were aired during the over was an indication that the aired time of the game is decreasing and the advertising time is increasing. The major players here were Micromax and Karbonn with Akshay Kumar stealing the show.  The tickers used at the bottom of the screen was used by the sanitary ware company Jaguar and automobile company Hyundai which promoted all their brands from Santro to Verna with a different tag line associated with different incidents like fall of a wicket & Boundary etc.CBZ also promoted its Xtreme bike using a ticker with every six hit.

Figure 3: Brand recall

The statistics showing each player are interesting but the actual performance (Figure.3) was observed using a detailed market research survey which was conducted using a questionnaire with some interesting findings coming out. Telecom ads like VODAFONE, AIRTEL and IDEA are one of the most highly advertised and had a high recall value. Viewers were looking for creativity factor in the advertisements followed by the emotional factor. The Realistic factor is the least important according to the respondents. There were only a few ads that reflected the emotional factor. Most of the viewers took break or switched channels during the strategic time out and during the innings break, so the advertisements shown during these times were less recalled. The Ticker advertisement had a very low recall.

Although a winner might have emerged for this season but the game called ‘ADICKET’ is a never ending one. The question to be answered is whether ‘WE’ have any role in defining the rules of the game.

REFERENCE: Marketing research projectContent analysis & Brand recall of Ad’s in IPL-3 by Group-J (09-11)”.

– Siva Harsha Karra (Batch 2009-11)


Team Atharva starts with IPL Bang

On Sunday March 28th , the IPL fever gripped the TAPMI campus all over courtesy Team Atharva 2010-11. The new team at Atharva decided to open its innings in a grand display of what it does best – put a smile on people’s faces. Atharva 2010-11 organized a screening of the Indian Premier League cricket match between the Mumbai Indians and the Deccan Chargers on the TAPMI campus.

The mood was jubilant as students looked forward to an action packed match with fans of both teams in high spirits. And then there were many who witnessed the event just for the love of the game. As the game progressed, the action got even more intense and the parched souls in the crowd were rescued by the biscuits and water bottles distributed by the BrandScan team in true TAPMI spirit. With every ball, the cries of jubilation and despair could be heard in equal numbers. One could almost feel the nerves of the supporters of either of the teams. Every wicket was applauded and every run was cheered for. Such was the spirit of the game.

In the lovely evening weather, the cries of the fans charged up the atmosphere even more. Anxious students were so glued to the big screen that dinner and books did not seem such lucrative options anymore. The only thing missing was a tub of popcorn to complete the stadium experience.

This evening event gave the PGDM students a chance to unwind from their hectic daily routines and enjoy their favorite sport in the company of their friends under the pleasant open sky. And this would not have been possible without the efforts of the students and the assistance provided by other committees. We look forward to conduct more such events in the near future.

To know more about the Atharva visit here

– Team Atharva