Day 2 of Episode’10


“A performer always needs a stage…”

Social issues are a part of our everyday life. The stage is provided and the teams bring out the team emotion in a creative manner. One social cause is picked and justified through acting skills…!!!

Team Pirates who performed first came up with a depiction of discrimination in various scenarios and at various levels in the society. This was followed by a portrayal of corruption and terrorism by Team Hippies. Team 4-D came up with a power packed performance on disability and mental retardation with Prudhvi coming up with a moving portrayal of a mentally challenged person which almost brought the judges into tears. Finally Team Mafia showed the recent and raging issue of the dictatorship of the Khap Panchayats. Overall an evening that was not only fun but also raised awareness among the audience.

MGM Quiz:

It was time for the marketers to collide!! MGM Forum organized the tussle between the brand managers of tomorrow with the MGM quiz!!

There were five rounds in the event including a rapid fire round. At the end of the last round, Team Mafia and Team Hippies were tied and the winner had to be decided by a tie breaker question. In a nervous and nail crunching tie-breaker, where there remained a stalemate for 3-4 questions, Team Mafia finally cracked the last question to emerge as winners of the event!! MGM Forum also made sure that audience also had their share of the fun by having plenty of questions ready for them with chocolates for the correct answer.


Episode 2010! Day 2! Event 3! The ship is sinking!! There is place for only one passenger apart from the crew members.

Each participant was given a personality and he/she was supposed to assume the role of the same. The passengers had to convince the captain of their worthiness for the last remaining life jacket!

Another event where the creativity of the juniors was showcased, each participant got only 2 minutes preparation time for their given personality. Rakesh of Team White got the character of Ghajini; Shivananda of Team Black had to convince the Captain of the ship as Rajat Kapoor; Parminderjeet of Team Blue was ‘Tulsi’ from ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’; and lastly Mayank from Team Red was ‘Avatar’. Each participant tried to convince the Captain as to why he’s worthy of the only life jacket left on the sinking ship. An event full of fun and frolic, lots of cheering and ounces of impromptu creativity! Way to go junies!


Esprit – The TAPMI Quiz Club

The TAPMI quiz club is the result of the efforts of many individuals across batches – most notably, the batches of ’07-’09 and ’08-’10. Finally in 2009, their hard work bore fruit and ‘Esprit’, as the quiz club is called, saw the light of day.

Esprit’s objective is to facilitate a quizzing culture in TAPMI, develop a fraternity for exchange of information in various fields and keeping students abreast of the current affairs.

The first ever moderators of the club – Ameya Manel and Bhaskar Bose (both of Batch ’08-’10), were instrumental in the founding of the club. Their zeal and passion for the club, was evident in the quizzes conducted by them and was infectious.

Now Team Esprit (Batch ’09-’11) aims to take this initiative to greater heights and make TAPMI a name to be reckoned with in the world of quizzing.

In our efforts to take the quiz club further and foster a quizzing culture, we have introduced some new initiatives:

We are sure that there are many die hard quizzers amongst our alumni. We would like to make you a part of our efforts. You can contribute questions for the blog by mailing them to along with your Name, Batch number and Organization. The question will be posted on the blog, the FaceBook page and Twitter for all our members to answer.

We look forward to everyone’s support and encouragement. Please send your feedback and/or suggestions to .

Happy Quizzing !