Flair 2010

Flair 2010
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Flair is TAPMI’s Summer Placement Brochure which gives a snap shot of the college, its activities and the profiles of the first year students of the PGDM course.

Our Summer Internship or MIP (Management in Practice) is an eight week programme beginning from 2nd week of April to June 2011. The selection of the students will be done during the Summer Placement week starting from the 4th of October, 2010.

MIP provides unique opportunities to the students to get deeper insight and understanding about organizations and their management practices under the expert guidance of an industry mentor. The Association of Indian Management Schools had presented this programme the ‘Best Innovation in Management Education Award’.

In case you are interested to participate in our Campus Relations Programme 2010-11 in the form of industry interactions, conclaves, workshops, projects, alumni job postings, summer placements and final placements during the year, please send a mail to placementforum@tapmi.edu.in and our team will contact you.


Zephyr 2010

Zephyr is TAPMI’s pre-placement brochure which gives a snap shot of the college and its activities.  Full-screen version is here.

In case you are interested to participate in our Campus Relations Programme 2010-11 in the form of industry interactions , conclaves , workshops, projects, summer placements and final placements during the year , send a mail to placementforum [at] tapmi [dot] edu [dot] in and we will get back to you soon.

The Great Indian MBA Blues

Did you know, that the most common GMAT applicant profile is IIM?

IIM has become an acronym for “Indian IT Male.” Hardly surprising then, that the largest chunk of students in any Indian B-school today comes with some experience in the IT/ITeS industry. A glance at the placement records of the premiere B schools reveals that the IT/ITeS industry still have a heavy appetite in terms of number of students they recruit. Put the two together and B-school seems like a shunting in your career in the IT industry, where you come out of one mass recruiter and go back to another just to be a better paid version of what you were even without the MBA. If you are one of those people who are looking to join a B-school, quitting your present job, because you feel that you don’t belong to that particular industry – then this particular piece of information would definitely induce a fair amount of fear and doubt in you. After all, what you really want to do is investment banking or branding.

The main reason for this fear is the misconception about the kind of profiles a company may offer to fresh MBAs. For example, will an IT company recruit only for IT (pure systems) profile? Why not let’s think otherwise.

In any organization, all departments are present, and each one is important in their own way. Look at it this way – what is a consultant at KPMG (IT) doing? Is he in the IT industry? Or is he in the Financial Services domain? If you were doing brand management for IBM, are you an IT guy or a cool brand-guru? If you were coding for the next version of EA Sports’ Soccer game, are you a cool gamer or are you a programmer? The finance team of Larsen & Toubro Limited is bigger than some of the smaller banks in India. The marketing team at BMW works in tandem with the Product design team.

In any organization, there are no water-tight silos in which Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR, and Systems work separately. The higher you go up the corporate ladder; there is a greater demand for cross-functional knowledge.

So where does this fear originate that your job would not be what would make you happy?

The reason for such fear is that when we join a B-school, we come in with some vague ideas about what the terms Finance, Marketing, Operation, Systems and HR imply. As students gets exposure to all the various portions (it would be unfair to call them branches – all of them are the stem) of Management in first year, the lines that separate them smudge a bit. In fact in our experience at TAPMI, at the end of the first year, we have realized what we did not know about every portion far outweighed what we did know. Based on these partial ideas about different streams, students come in with preconceived notions about what they shall specialize in and what subjects are going to shape their futures.

Hence, while it’s good that B-School aspirants come with some preference about the stream/portion they want to specialize in, it is strongly advised to them to look for quality education in all specializations and a healthy learning environment before they look at the placement figures.

The world is yet to figure out the way to stop a person from doing well at what he/she is passionate about doing.

– Subhayu Roy & Sumit Saurabh (Batch 2009-2011)

Diverse Profiles throng TAPMI Campus Placements

The T. A. PAI Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal announces the  completion of yet another successful campus placement season, with 100% placement, for the graduating batch of 2008-10.  This batch of 172 is the largest ever to graduate from the 25-year old institute.  Campus Placements 2010 was marked with on campus offers of several new and diverse profiles.  Understandably, many of the students were excited about these new and challenging roles.

Mayank Satsangi, who has been offered a strategy formulation role at a conglomerate, said “My dream to join a role in which I can integrate my learning across all functions – marketing, finance, operations and strategy has been realized”.  Similarly, Vikas Rao accepted an offer in eGovernance consulting and exclaimed “eGovernance is emerging as an extremely lucrative career opportunity. Government spending is bound to increase in this sector and the potential to improve governance systems is exciting.”

After accepting a lateral profile in Human Resources (HR) from an IT major, Archana Rajendran said “I was extremely keen to leverage my past IT experience and combine my interest in HR, this role suited me perfectly”. A very satisfying factor of this year’s placements has been the acceptance of the students specializing in Human Resources area in meaty HR roles of organizations.

Marketing students were also jubilant; around 10% of the recruiters were FMCG companies – one of the most preferred industries this year. Vijay Pandey was particularly pleased, “Its great that TAPMI attracts renewable energy companies on campus… I have worked four years in the energy industry and was looking for a lateral offer due to my relevant work experience”.

Regular recruiters including Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro Group, ICICI Bank, TVS Group, UB Group, Citi Group, Idea Cellular and Titan Industries accounted for a large chunk of the offers.  An all time high of eight public sector banks participated in addition to the regular finance recruiters, offering cherished corporate finance, treasury and equity research roles.  A total of 58 companies participated in the placement process this year, an increase of almost 50% over last year.  The participation of about 20% of these companies was driven by TAPMI’s Alumni.  The institute has also continued to see an increase in its compensation packages with the highest offer being Rs. 9.3 lakhs, and the median offer, Rs. 7.0 lakhs.

– Press Release