Colors of TAPMI by Team Yellow

TAPMI … Lets have it this way … I knew I was going into a B-School and should not have expected anything more than studies and assignments … but within the second day of my stay I got to see a glimpse of the “Main Hoon Na” college I always wanted to be in … blame the SEC Induction program !! The glimpse ignited the fire within … and expectations went high … But Time flew … Days went by … Hours turned into Days and Days into a Month … “Where the Hell is SRK and team from MHN” … aahahhaha  … day dreams buddy … day dreams … We had realised then that TAPMI GOD had taken control over the entire scenario (TAPMI GOD is the unknown supernatural power in this whole dynamism … We will get to know more on him later as we proceed).


Skipping the loaded one month … Come to the Night when the Knights of LitComs Rise in TAPMI … Its a mutiny destined every year … Its an uprising against the powers of TAPMILAND … “Can we have a break !!” … “What are you talking all about ??” … Hold on guys … let me finish off … Its the Night of launch of “Episode”, …. “Cut the boring case buddy” … We ain’t here for the “Saas Bahu, Pati Patni aur Wo” Crap … “Please Spare us” … !!! “Naah Naah … Not the daily episodes you guys are thinking of” … Its the First Major event that happens here in TAPMI … “Ice Breaker” between the Senies and Junies … “The best week ever you will have in TAPMI” … “The Stress Reliever”, “The Fun Time”, “The Gala Time” … etc etc … You name an adjective and you will find it here in the “Episode” – All these thoughts coming from the Senies had me excited again… “Wow !! Guys !! Will I be able to reach to the MHN theme … I would be so so grateful to destiny”.


But all this happening against the will of TAPMI GOD of course … so see the TG change dynamism of forces here and turn them against you … See those assignments and Quizes go up in numbers … See faculties pinching you in name of Episode … See them pointing out people at sleep … (As If we were not doing that till day but the TAPMI GOD is in driver’s seat so bear the consequences now) … But We stand firm … Firmer than the Roots of Himalayas … We Stand Strong … Stronger than the Tsunami waves … !! We represent the “Spirit of TAPMI” … We are the Tapmians. With our Senies by us we will fly in high and touch skies. The spirit was so high that we so much wanted to listen these words from our President / Captains before the launch:



“Good evening. In less than an hour, a launch from here will join others from around the TAPMI campus, and you will be launching the largest battle in the history of TAPMILAND. Tapmians. That word should have new meaning for all of us today. We are so different from one another, We are Blue / Red / Green / Yellow / Black / White, Yet we can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps it’s fate that today is the Twenty Fourth of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom. Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution… but from annihilation. We’re fighting for our right to live and fun. To exist. And should we win the battle, the Twenty Fourth of July will no longer be known as an Fun Day, but as the day when the Tapmians declared in one voice: We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our Episode Day!”

Those words were not said. Those words will never be said. But those words are how we are going to be in coming Tough but Fun Times. Times will see the waves of Team Spirit turn the tides against the forces that drive TAPMILAND. A word here “The Times ahead are tough but with all of us around, We will be an Atheist, We don’t give you a damn TAPMI GOD”. We are team Yellow … The YTM … We are the Fire >>>

Team Yellow


Team Freaks

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – A phrase we have been hearing since childhood but never quite comprehended it , thanks to the never ending quest towards an unknown future.  So it came up as quite a surprise when I joined TAPMI and realized that, apart from the nerve-racking academics, we do get a platform to exhibit our talents. Yes, I am referring to our very own EPISODE – the week long intra-college celebration at Tapmi, when Tapmi truly comes alive.

The week preceding the current one, was quite eventful. Each afternoon the canteen at the Students Centre used to be decked in a multitude of colors and hues. Groups of senies, draped in colors of Red, Black, Purple, White and Green, scaling up to be the first among equals was quite a sight. Before long, the enthusiastic spirit had caught up with the junies and bought out the best in us. Impromptu jingles, mexican waves, rendering of couplets amidst the cacophony of drums and the din of plates, it was a sight to believe. Most of us were left wondering and hadn’t had the faintest inkling of what was coming next. So much for secrecy!!!

Woken from slumber and drafted into Purple summed up the reaction of most, the following week.  Goaded by Gandharv, the team captain, it didn’t take long for Team Purple to find its bearings. “Episode provides each of us a chance to connect within ourselves, a platform to showcase our latent talents and put forth the creative me ahead of the number-crunching, geeky masks”. Wouldn’t I wonder, how true these words would be I the days to come???

Day one and two of the week long fest flew by. Before we knew, day three was already on us. The buzz in the campus was about the events lined up for the later part of the day. Creative writing, a chance for the Shakespeare and Byron amongst us to prove their mettle and Adzap, a place for the next Prahlad Kakkar to vie for attention from prospective customers (read the judges) provided enough meat, to keep the enthusiastic Tapmians salivating.  Completing the party was Xchange, a chance for competitors to explore the opposite fraternity and HR fora.

While a team of 3, consisting of Bijoy, Vidhi and Varun explored the limitless horizons of words and the world of letters, Saurabh proved himself again in HR fora. But what kept the audience going was the Adzap, being conducted in the Yoga room. Team after teams showcased their witty ideas and quirky acting, which made an instantaneous connection with the audience. An 8-member team from Purple not only depicted the plight of a married woman and her attempts to gain the attention of her husband but also successfully marketed their product (dagger.  Spurred on by the war-cry, Team Purple left no stones upturned to leave its mark.

As it sit here, penning down my thoughts, my team has gathered out there to cheer up the participants of Xchange, where the participants get a chance to explore their  femininity  and look at the world through a woman’s eyes and vice-versa?

Talent in abundance and talent unleashed, this is what we believe in, this entire week. We, the Purple Freaks


Some pics:

Team meet : Thoda kaam, zyaada masti
Deep in discussion: Our captain… "Dr. GRS" imparting gyan to the all attentive junie.



Day 4 : Episode

The heroes are here with swords and daggers
riding high on a purple haze.
Fighting, screaming, burning and howling
through the episode maze

True to the words above the Purple freaks rode on with fire in their belly and a never die attitude. Buoyed by the amazing show in the HR fora it was purple all the way in XCHANGE show. The rules were simple guys dress like girls and vice versa. But what came through was a show of amazing style and attitude. Arnab came dress to perfection as Rakhi sawant.  If the voluptuous style wasn’t enough he carried it off with a “to-hell-with-the-world attitude”.  The judges and guys in the crowd skipped heart beat when Arnab strutted on to the stage. If this wasn’t enough, in walked Atreya as Mamta Banerjee. Every Bengali in the crowd went “Audi baba”.  The show stopper was Pratichi dressed as Chulbul Pandey.  Dressed to kill and with an air of dominance Pratichi essayed the role to perfection.
If Day 3 ended with a super performance in Xchange Day 4 began with a bang in Sportscom carrom.  Team freaks were represented by Sunandha, Sumith, Piyush and Bijoy. The superlative game play by Sumith and Sunandha saw them ease quite easily into the semi finals.

Team Agents of Chaos

Candle-Lighting Ceremony Organized by Team Black


Let us Enjoy the Movie

We are “The Group of Spectators (GoS)”, let us enjoy the movie. Guys Guys, please don’t think that I am going to write the reviews of Action Replay or Golmaal 3. Neither I am going to urge you to go to one of the nearest multiplexes and enjoy any of these latest movies.
The introductory line I have given in this blog carries some deeper meaning. You are free to juggle your mind to guess what might be running through my mind while I am actually drafting this blog.
Hmmm, so now as you have given adequate thought to my idea, let me share what I am comparing the movie and spectators with.
The movie is our Life and the spectator is the person himself. Our life is a movie which is very well written and directed by the Supreme Director – “God”. It has action, drama, romance, achievements, failure and everything that is actually required to make our life – “The Life”.
Tulsidas Ji said in one of his verses :
पहले प्रारब्ध बनी , पाछे बन्यो शरीर ! तुलसी ये आश्चर्य है, मन नहीं माने धीर !!
First your destiny was defined and then you were given a body, Tulsi it’s strange that the stupid mind does not accept this.
If we actually sit back and go through what has happened in our life, isn’t it evident enough to prove what Saint Tulsidas ji said. Then why do we worry about tomorrow, why we get worried about future. It’s the same we feel when we are sitting in the Cinema hall and start weeping or get angry over an emotional or an unfair scene in the movie. God has sent us in this beautiful world to enjoy the movie and not to get involved in the movie. Does not matter how much angry you get while watching the movie or want to kill the Villain, will the director change the script for you? No, my dear he won’t. Similarly, we should take our life and accept it as it comes.
तुलसी या संसार में सुख दुःख सबको होए! ज्ञानी काटे ज्ञान से अज्ञानी कटे रोये !!
Tulsi, in this world everyone has to go through sorrows and happiness, the enlightened person handles it with wisdom and the foolish bears it all the time crying.
Therefore people with spiritual wisdom say that we should take happily whatever comes to us.
ना ख़ुशी अछी अन मलाल अछा जिस हाल में तू रखे वो हाल अछा !!
Neither happiness is good nor sorrow, the situation in which God keeps us that is good.
As there is a lot I can still add to this but keeping in mind that it is my first blog and that it should not get prolonged and create boredom for you, let me summarize it with one of verse from Gita,
सुनो भरत भावी प्रबल , बिलख गयो मुनि नाथ! हानि – लाभ , जीवन – मरण , यश – अपयश सब विधि के हाथ !!
O Bharat! the direction by the supreme Lord is strong and override everything, even God Narad can not understand it, loss – profit, life- death, fame- defame , all these are in the Lord’s hand.
So let us enjoy the movie which God has already directed and do good deeds in our life and thank God for everything He has given us. Rest assure whatever He has directed for us is the BEST for us.
In the hope that your tomorrow will be better than Today. This is A Nomad signing off for today.


Day 2:


Inside each one of you lies

all of the potential, the strength,

to be whatever you want to be,

all of the energy, the resources

to do whatever you want to do.

Imagine yourself as no-one each day,

doing what you want to do,

and believing each day that you will ’be’.

and each day, take another  step

towards your dream.

And though at times it may seem too

difficult to continue,

hold on to your dreams.

Throw caution to the wind

And let yourself go.

After all you are your best friend,

Your real teacher,

Your actions will decide,

The measure of sweet success,

Your life it is, more than anyone else.

Then one morning you will awake to find

The sunshine a little warmer,

The breeze a little more pleasant

Your adversaries a little more cautious

And yourself a little bolder.

‘Coz what is a dream if let go,

What is a flame if not protected?

What is a desire if not nourished?

What are you if not challenged?

A dead life swinging between ‘being’ and ’existing’.

– Anon.




     We have started associating “Dreams” with a particular “Goal/Achievement”. What we forget is that a dream is perfect because everything in it is perfect.  In it we are with the people we love, no restrictions, no suppressed emotions, nothing to worry about. But when we are wide awake we see it as just achieving our desired jobs or getting a huge pay package.

    What we fail to realise is that the things around us is not what we had wanted.  We are far from people we cherish geographically & further away from them emotionally. We get so involved in catching the bus & reaching a place that we forget to make a phone call to a friend in need of you. Lost in the search for a party to drown all our feelings & enjoy our lives, we forget that we could have achieved it by going on a drive & pouring yourself on your close ones. Do we really need to be so focused in our professional world that we can’t take a moment out to think about where our future is heading to?

  Thus maybe we should start with living our lives in the small things coz at the end of the day these are the things that really matter. What we can try to do is maybe list down what we really want to do at a moment. If we are able to do even 50% of the list we have actually lived our dream. If we have been able to appreciate even a small gesture like your brother getting your favourite chocolates to lift your mood or your friend coming at middle of the night to say goodnight you will get the feeling of having lived your dream.

So it all boils down to Cherishing each & every moment. Of your life without peeping into your future without worrying about what has happened in the past just staying right there & doing what you really want to. I know it is not possible to ignore the practicalities of life but maybe just one day you do what you want to…and  den for a long time you will remember  & try to relive how exactly  


                                                                              –  Richa Bengani



This theory of ‘Worst case scenario’ has worked for many. Let me tell you where it worked for me. It’s a valuable tool in life.

When I was preparing for CAT in 2008-09  I was in a dilemma. I used to search on pagalguy, is it really possible for a person like me to crack CAT? Used to read many experience to know if someone with such time frame. Instead of focusing on knowing the area of my weakness I used to find similar person who was as weak as me and still could perform well in CAT. I used to seek assurance that a person like me can actually perform well in CAT. As I had no one around with whom I can relate I used to think like this.

The truth is, I knew that I am weak. I knew that I am not gonna crack CAT at least in 2009. Not because I was not preparing well but because I was too afraid with the imaginative scenario of  me not cracking CAT 09. I did not what to face the ‘what if … ‘ situation. I was running away from the situation, the situation of  ’worst case scenario

The question is why I was running away from ‘Worst case scenario‘ ??

Answer is simple.. I was not comfortable with the situation of  me not cracking CAT 09.

I failed CAT 09 with 80%tile. Now I was in the same situation, I was running away from. Now I had to face it, I had to tackle it. I went back to job, determined to take CAT 10. Now, here comes the trick. My mentor once told me the psychology of human mind and the theory of  ’worst case scenario

The theory is simple. Imagine the worst case, worst result of CAT or any situation in life. After imagining, tell your self that this is practically possible case. So find out solution or survival plan if this case is gonna be true. Once you know what is the worst thing possible that can happen to you and you are at peace with that situation, see the magic. You will feel the difference. Human psychology starts working here and brings the best performance out of YOU.

I performed better with this theory in CAT 10 and when I am writing this I have converted Tapmi and preparing to join it in next 15 days. (Yes, this is not the story if a person going to IIM )

So key to success is, Be at peace with the worst case possible, and feel the difference.

Try it, and enjoy the fruits!!!


Day 3: Episode

Its 12:00 in the morning/night whatever you want to call… I was seating with my group ( core group) to complete assignment we got on 26/07 around 3 pm. Agents of Chaos team was being represented by some 12 enthusiastic members and others were busy with assignments. This was making senies uncomfortable in our BLACK team. Then low participation was not intentional but it was shaping that way. Two emails from the ‘Hitler’ (head of team black – Agents of Chaos) came at around 1 in the morning. At the same time the cryptomania riddle was on the email and head banging and brain storming started for it.

One more emotional email from one more senior came requesting us to participate. To tell you the fact that we always wanted to participate but things were shaping completely opposite for our team. A meet called to charge up junies around 2 pm today. Agents of Chaos met in CC2 and senies explained in a way that entire team was charged up. Everyone was ready to participate again and team was again rocking. At 4.00pm team met again after the academic sessions were over.

Today there are four events:

HR forum even:

An event I enjoyed the most. New entrants, read juniors, teamed up and played the role of PR executives of companies which are under media fire for some issues and they need to convince the media (read judges) about their point of view.  With Chacha in his aggressive style convinced (or offended: P ) judges that their company is the ‘most’ ethical. With Ankit, from agents of chaos opening with wrong note and getting crushed by the media people.  Then he tried to sell investors a new venture of a person whose previous venture collapsed due to unethical reasons. Roopesh, the PR executive of ‘Vogue’,   tried to convince media about a blunder in advertisement.

To me it was amazing show put up by every team. Tapmi got some very motivated PR executives.. 😛

Creative writing:

This event gave a chance to people to showcase their ability who are creative, as the name suggests. I have not much information as the results and the write up will be available later. So let’s see what team Agents of chaos come up with in this event.


When I am writing this article the adzap is going on and I am enjoying the creativity of my batch mates in terms of advertisements and using the props.

Will update more about events tomorrow as the most exciting event Xchange is yet to rock the stage…

Ohh.. I forgot to do accounting sums that we have to submit tomorrow in accounting class, but I am agent of Chaos, Night and darkness are my strengths…

Signing off to have some food…

–          KK, the Agent of Chaos


Today's Silent Promo



EPISODE is in full swing and the Agents of Chaos are RAINING MADNESS!!! This regal team dons the

black cloak and rules hearts and minds alike in the plethora of events comprising Episode. And, in one

of these events, my room mate decided to participate and I was there to cheer for him. Suddenly, the

fellow developed cold feet and my name was nominated. So there I was in my first event at a notice

of ten minutes!!!!

Shipwreck: One member from each of the 6 teams are to pretend they are on a sinking ship. The

captain has only one life jacket and it is up to you to convince the judges to save you. It’s a battle of

wits right up to the end, and only the most spontaneous rule!

So there I was, my heart in my throat walking upto the moderators to get my number. No. 5.

Good… would get more time to scan the competition and (hopefully!!) plan out what to do. As the

contestants started, I was surprised with their talent and spontaneity…. I mean, I knew you had to

be good to get into TAPMI, but these people were simply amazing! I was so engrossed watching

them that I had no idea when I stood in front of the judges for my turn. My character was… wait for

it… Shaktimaan…(can you beat that?!!) All planing out of the window, I found myself spinning like

Shaktimaan and asking people if they religiously drink milk everyday (Dumb, I know, but what the

hell… I was dumbfounded, wasn’t I?!!!)

Two minutes of witty one liners and some crazy flying antics (for those who didn’t watch it, I’M NOT

DOING THAT AGAIN) later, I was applauded by the crowd (wonder what they liked!!). But you know

what…. I liked being there…. And it was an experience beyond any other… Senies coming up and

patting your back… junies jumping over you after a job well done… And most importantly, the roar of

the crowd…. Telling you that you were worth their time…. And sending out the tacit message that you

are family to them!!!


The Great Tapmi Natak

Madness let loose and it was time for the Bollywood stars of Tapmi to showcase their acting skills

The future managers of corporate India seem to pose a tough competition to the actors of Bollywood

When each team took the centre stage, the team mates rose and filled the air with their enthusiastic chants.

The audience were roaring to such a level that the vibration was felt throughout the campus.

The stage was filled with the Khannas, Shettys and of course the Rais and Kapoors

The audience were drenched in the sense of humour, violence and the feeling of social responsibility

Many social issues like Terrorism, corruption, nuisance of alcohol addicts and the importance of female

infanticide were portrayed very effectively.

Tears went rolling down during the emotional displays and whistle sounds travelled miles apart creating a

huge impact on the audience.

Overall, it was an exceptional performance of the young, energetic, enthusiastic future leaders of our country.

TAPMI Rocks!!!!


The Dark Side OF White.


In a world we live where we have darkness in light,

Why is that dreams we see, seem out of sight.

There is a sane society coming to fight,

Sometimes I Wonder why wrong side is right.


Win many wars outside and lose one within,

Wise Men seem lost for calm and serene.

People Live in future and past in mind,

Present in mirror wonder who they find.


The straight fact is, best is the crooked way,

Honest is I, towards power I sway.

Strange for some, honey is poison and poison is honey,

Alike are saint and senseless, crazy for money.


White collar job and greatest crime,

Doubt on poor dozen a dime.

Mystery it  is, knowledge takes a man to greed,

Belief and ignorance are a shrewd man’s need.


In a democracy I live with no choice,

In the silence of my fear lost is my voice.

Flying in the sky, tied to earth, I feel like a kite,

Wonder if there is a dark side of white.


Choreo Nite

The stage was set for the enthusiastic leg shakers of TAPMI.

The audience were at their feet waiting for some of the mind blowing moves of the TAPMIANS

The participants were eager to let loose their hip hops and set the stage on fire

When the host announced that the event is gona begin, it was madness all around.

Audience roared showing their support for their team mates

It was an awesome performance by the participants that it made the audience feel Michael Jackson is still alive and there were many Jacksons in TAPMI

The shakes by the gals made the audience feel that Shakira is on stage and they wanted to hold those hips and have a dance

The stage was burning with the hot moves of the hot chicks of TAPMI and the judges wondered if they have to judge the participants or the audience at the back who were showing their dancing skills and were rocking the auditorium.

The feelings expressed in the dance drenched the audience in the sense of true love and the moves made by the teams left an ever lasting impression with the audience.

Overall, it was an event of colours, sound, dudes, hot chicks and an unimaginable level of energy.

Team FBI

Day 1:

Day -1 of Episode and it’s Green all the Way !

The Day started at 12 in the night itself, with people rattling their brains out for the correct answer to the cryptomania code. Come evening, it was the war of words in the debate competition, dubbed the ‘Kurukshetra’. The topic was “Reality shows are a right way to judge talents” and the teams fought it out, speaking for and against the motion. Next was the time to decide on the ‘Wordsworth’. With teams coming up with original poems and beautiful recitations, Wordsworth would probably have loved to witness the event, which was won by Supriya of the Green Team !!

The Music lovers battled it out in the game of Antakshari, having rounds like dumb charades, Fill in the song, and the Block game. Guess who won this event? was Green all the way yet again.

The much awaited event of the day was ‘Signpost’, the Banner painting competition, which started at 10pm. Each team was given a banner, representing their color, to paint upon. All put on their thinking caps and set their creative minds racing. Ultimately, it was the Green team’s ‘Think Green’ concept, which appeased the judge’s eye and was declared the winner.

All in all, a great day for the team, but an even better day for having fun and one had a great day enjoying all the events. And with junies pitching in with newer and innovative ideas, what more could one ask for. Episode 2011 is all set to rock..Watch this space for more updates..

-Team Green Senie, signing off


Some more pics….


Poetry composed by Abhilash and Roopesh:

He thought he’d seen it all

The pride and the fall

But there had to be more

He needed to grow

As he stepped into the unknown

The world into which he was thrown

Looked insanely chaotic to him

The tide, against the swim

He looked around with loads of fear

The madness to which he couldn’t adhere

One path leads to glory and untold fame

The leap into lunacy else into shame

To face his fears he must celebrate

For that, chaos must be a trait

You have one life, you must do or die!

And most people fail without knowing why

But today he must forget, this is the time

To drink from the cup, that sweet summer wine.

Embrace the craze, seize the day,

You live what you learn, but you must celebrate.

 Day 2:

Gutsy , Ravage, Extravagant, Eagleeyed and Notorious! Another day of fighting it out, another time to prove ourselves, we will keep cruising ahead. Today’s events started off with Shipwreck. If you missed it, you certainly missed something, different roles that the contestants played were indeed a delight to watch! The sense of humour, the comebacks, the aggression, the want to survive! From a light session, we moved on to witness Social Streetplays… each team had its own stories to tell! Domestic Violence and Female Foeticide were some of the themes that were enacted out. No doubt, Team FBI put up a wonderful show!

We then set off to battle it out in the Marketing and General Management Quiz. It was a tough brawl, but no points for guessing who emerged victorious!!!! Yes..  Again!!! Team Green!!! Eldrich Rangel and Rohit Chugh, you made us all proud!! We’ve definitely lived up to our standards, “We’re nothing like you have ever seen! We are Team Green!”

Green stands for a lot of things, prosperity, survival and life! But it also stands for Envy!!! 😛 Who isn’t envious of Team Green? J But at the end of the day, we know that its not about winning that really matters, its about enjoying every bit of EPISODE!!!



The Winning Poem by Team Green, for Wordsworth :

Here dawns a life so green, a week full of craze

To wake you from a dream deviod of haze

A fortunate few in the caravan de’ Green

Coming to lead the show, a wolfpack but not mean

Vigourous shrieks and campaigns all around

Rampant howls and newfriends found

Balloons and Ribbons, Posters and Pamphlets

Souveniers for life, the ultimate amulets.

Skills and talents, put at knife’s edge

A search to redefine limits, this is our pledge.

An exhilarating journey embarked on to amass

a vision of zenith that we’ll never let pass

We’ll face out fears, we must celebrate

and for that, chaos must be a trait.

Time after time, day in and day out

We celebrate, we play, we scream and we shout

Embrace the craze, Seize the day

Do what you must, have it your way.

The party must be lived, everything can wait

Why follow others when you can write your own fate.

This was a collective effort from Abhilash, Roopesh and Vipin, recited by Supriya



Day 3 : Episode

The Green Bandwagon Rolls on..

The day started off with classes as usual..but we were waiting for the events to commence. Creative writing was the first event of the day. Nikhil, Abhilash and Rohit Ganeriwal set their creative grey cells working.. and also had fun at the same time. Even the picture suggests so 😉

Ad-Zap came next and the Green team literally zapped everyone’s hearts with their ideas!! Kudos to Eldrich Rangel and team for putting up a great show. No wonder we won the event..

However, it was soon time for the most awaited event yet..No points for guessing it right.. Xchange !!

All the students had a ball as the participants came all guns blazing for scoring points.. Raman, Abhlash and Shambhavi gave great performances and left the audience in splits 😀


Day 4: Episode

Another Green Day

The much awaited Choreocom event was here !! Be it the impromptu rounds, or the choreographed sequence, the participants, both Junies and Senies, set a high standard for the other teams to match. Special mention to Senies Prachi and Konda !! Konda set the stage on fire with his jhatkas and thumkas and the judges in splits !!

But one look at the audience, and one would have realized that that’s where the actual ‘mazaa’ was..The Green senies stole the show with their performances off the stage, full of Zing. As Karan Rathi put it, ‘If you wanna dance, dance like Team GREEN !!’

Next up, was Laurel and Hardy. With Nirmit and Raman as the participants, the Green team sure won the audience’s hearts with their wonderful impersonation of KBC ( a poorer version though). Be it the explanations of the Lifelines, (Phone a friend, where you just get to give a missed call, as this was a poorer KBC) or the questions, it was hilarious.

Another good day for the Green Team comes to an end..just a few more days to go before Episode ’11 closes..Having one of the best set of junies one could ask for, the Green Senies are sure gonna miss Episode big time when it gets over..

–          Preetha D.


Some more Pictures :

Way to have fun !!

Team Mad Hatters


Day 2:

Serenity enshrined
The color of hope ,
When the end is in sight

When all is lost,
And all is gone
What is white ?

Darkness disappears
My vision is pure,
Guided, by the color of light.

– Aditi Trivedi



Poem by Udayan:

You hail from the city, where Tomar’s had their kitty,
Where undefeated lies, beneath the crimson skies,
‘The Pearl’ as Babur said.

‘A pearl she is’ they say,
A few hesitate but manage their way
And ask for a slice of your day, this Sunday.

Of all those mermaids who were cast away,
Came here to learn The Leader’s Way,
Why i chose you i cannot say,
Luck maybe or i say Nay.

An artist’s art, a poet’s page,
The Sculptor sculpts a royal maze,
Like Quarks and Mesons, you stay and fade away,
but like supernovae,
give splendorous display,
And we eagerly wait to say – May i have a slice of your day, this Sunday?



Life for her has become onerous, not made any less clamorous,

Her own kin pry into her soul, unique in a way like the birthmark mole,

To a few heads would she talk, all the others she knows they mock,

Failing to understand that in the abeyance lies, a whole set of disturbing files,

Yet untouched by all but one, he who chooses to become her chum,

Not for the beauty but for that soul, delicate like a flower and nectar-pure,

Still happy and chirpy she stays, cannot see the dolor on her face

Because buried it is inside graves, of hopes which are all at stake,

But he knows that there will be light, or at least says so his insight,

He pledges to become a devilish star, for her so he can bend light afar,

Just one wish but he carries along, “take her life before my own”,

So she’ll not shed a tear alone, while flipping through the last pages of this tome.

-Udayan, Team White


From confusion to amusement, to irritation to enjoyment, the weeklong Episode campaign

definitely succeeded in its intention- to intrigue the junies about EPISODE! Little did we know

that the fun and games which were limited to the lunch break would soon become a full fledged

week long activity!

When people usually asked us junies, “how is it goin?”, our typical reply used to be, “Its crazy!”

That very same phrase, “its crazy”, took a completely new meaning being a part of “THE


The insanity and the madness has caught on… watch out TAPMI.. the MAD HATTERS are


– Mythreyi


Day 3 : Episode

Lets Live without Fear

A world of love,
A life without fear
Lets not just dream
It’s high time we gear.

Lets not be scapegoats
to the ploys of politicians
who at any cost want
to hold their power chair.

Lets not be foolish to fight
upon seeds of communalism
sown by politicians who are no better
than our British rulers were.

Lets forget the past and be selfless enough
to work for a greater cause-
To build a peaceful , fearless nation
where love is everywhere.

Lets be smart enough, and not naive
Lets strengthen our bonds of love and trust
Lets show them that their time is over
and its now our stage.

Lets know the futility of hatred
Lets pledge to oust corruption
and work together and dare
to build a democratic, united nation.

Lets not loose hope, and work and toil
for small drops make the mighty ocean
Lets bury personal grievances, and remember Him
whose we are the most beautiful creation.

Who wanted us to live and love
Lets not hate ech other, and hate Him
Why deceit ourselves in the name of God
when we know , No it is not Him
Lets not commit this crime because one day
we all will have to answer Him.

Lets not sleep, it’s time to wake
Lets begin, it’s never too late
Lets wipe tears and LIVE without fear
before it is found that life exists nowhere.




Live and Love

I don’t want to fly high,
My friends dont live in the sky,
I just want to live and love,
That’s why we landed from above.

Such beautiful creations , and so strange,
Similar bodies but views that change.
Forget differences however difficult it might be,
Kick your worries and just be merry.

Life’s so beautiful , life’s so short,
Make it happier with no effort.
Loving others may cost something,
But a gloomy heart can never do anything






The name Mad hatter was inspired by the phrase ‘As Mad as a hatter’.. which in

turn has its origins in the UK. This phrase was coined due to, workers working in

Hat factories, developing dementia caused by mercury poisoning.



Gasping for breath .. running with the pace of life .. lone existence with no one to share ..

fatigue crushing from head to toe .. with no moment to pause ..fighting with the mounting

expectations .. fighting with the desire to be set free.. fighting with the norms set by society ..

fighting with wishes .. panting, puffing, running.. nothing seems to stop .. a morbid existence

with no joy ..


suddenly you appear..somehow peace is achieved .. and the wings have spread .. the morose

has turned to bonhomie .. the soul is overjoyed .. the distant flight to happiness has begun to

take shape .. fear and defeat are nowhere in sight .. you are the melody like lilting refrain ..

swirling music within my brain .. you are the innocent laughter of a child .. you are the rain to

my parched earth .. you are the treasure of my life , so safely stored .. it is because of you that

i have moments that i adore .. it is you because of whom i can again wish .. it is you because of

whom i can again strive .. it is because of you the sands feels so warm and soft .. the summer

of life never seem to be lost .. you are the shelter where my soul rests .. these are your times ,

the times we know …


it is all because of you .. my love .. my “Insanity” !!!!


Submitted by

Madhur Bhargava



Team Avataar

Day 1:

This day starting at midnight, we declared the most awaited event Episode open. It is the coming together of 400+ tapmi-ians under the umbrella of umpteen colors. Purple shouts, red is loud, green relied on gin, white became snowy, and the black declared “Its Back”, and Blue were the chosen few.

Selected randomly, we were lucky to be in Team Blue. From the time the clock struck twelve, our spirits roared, bubbling with enthusiasm, we shouted our loud slogan “We are the chosen few, we are team blue” and then we waived our hands to show that avatars from the outer world such as superman, batman and people from pandora are here to help us in our initiatives. And we also personified the theme of this year “Decoding madness”. Day 1 was earmarked with a a lot of activities, including and not limited to antakshri, cryptomaniac quiz, banner painting, wordsworth poetry recitation and debate on a very stimulating topic doing rounds in minds of all people currently. The day began with cryptomaniac, where in all minds were involved in cracking the most difficult of puzzles. Then people stood for and against the motion ” Reality shows are a right way to judge talents” and then we found newer poets in our batch. With colorful poems, original creations and great recitations, the event became a success. At 10 pm at night, we started making the banner, all people contributed with sketches and paints and the creativity flowed at its best. We saw remarkable participation from a large number of friends, who supported in our cause, a cause of Environment protection. We look forward to more events in the days to come and we pledge to Bleed Blue each day and win all hearts in the process and enjoy to the maximum.

-Harsha Vatnani, Team Avataar


Day 2 :

Day 2 of Episode took a great turn for Team Blue!

We were excited to know that we were declared as the Runners up of the SignPost Making!

With all the encouragement we got from this, we started preparing for the Nukkad competition that was to be conducted in the evening. The concept of “Exploitation of Women” was adapted into the street play by the juniors in a great show of talent. Though the time was limited, great efforts were put in by the team members and the final outcome was there for everyone to see. A great performance was put up by the entire “drama team” and the Avatars stole the show tonight. Though the dedication of the entire team of Sulochna, Ramaa, Ramneek, Srija, Saurab Biswas, Priyang, Amit Pansari, Raman Gupta made the super act possible, the show stealer was Priyang, with his performance as the orthodox grandmother.  Way to go team!

Kudos to Avatars!


Niveditha G


Team S.O.S

Day 1:

There came a bunch of nerds,
Senies exclaiming ‘Oh my..all are duds’,
Lot of confusion and nail biting tension,
Some were all set to grab some attention,
Thought many, Manipal was the place to party,
No No No..dare you act dirty,
Getting flirty with the all the pretty,
I’m committed you smarty,
SEC warning us of all the rules,
We felt like a bunch of fools,
Comes the D-Day, classes start,
Into the classroom, we all dart,
On day two, we were a minute late,
To be thrown out of the gate,
Time to party, we seek a date,
On the day, rains won’t abate,
What is Episode, you’ll get to know,
Left us all raising our brow,
Late night comes a secret message,
Come dressed in red for a special passage,
Next day, confused into the mess we arrive,
To find senies decorating with spirits high,
We all witnessed the clash of colours,
Marveled by the display of splendor,
Shouting the slogan ‘We are Red’,
Instantly the madness spread,
Finally I am all red,
Mind you, the rest are dead! ;)

--Lavanya Prasad, Team SOS

Namrata, with her enthralling recitation of her poem! What a poem!

Sharan, with his level headed debating! Thanks for the great promo, man!

Nikhil, Akhil and Meenu for the antakshari -even the music com was taken by a surprise when they cracked Aman Verma’s “Mujhe raat din”

Meenu, Namrata, Rahul, Preetham Nikhil – they’ve wowed us with their creative genious!

Surprise performance: Gagan Saraswat – who ever thought he was such a stud a antakshari! Took the audience rounds by a sweep..

Villain- The white dog that played spoil sport while we were busy making the banner. It not only hampered our pace of work but also scared the sh** out of many people! High time, we did about this!


I smile as I absorb the enthusiasm, shouts and chants of the junies.

For them, the team was made by destiny, for us, it is choice. For us, Team SOS is about the friendships we made over the last one year. But I see, they are as dedicated and as committed as we are, if not more!

As the milieu heats up, I’m suddenly transported back in time to memories of Episode 2010..

We were just into the system, still assimilating new faces, new friendships, new things on the campus and Episode made TAPMI seem like home.

By the time we were chanting during the Episode finale, we had made our bonds, had our first fights, took our first walk on the lover’s street, etc

The bonds, fights, complaints, furtive glances, discussions over midnight coffee, walks; they’re all back!

Once more, we live our first year (seeing the junies!)

As we sit here, laughing till time stand still, a lone tears peeks out of the eye, saying, “Live as much Episode as you can..this is all you’ve got!’

-Team SOS, Senies!


Day 2 :

Would You Educate Her? The day broke with a ray, a ray of light, a ray of hopeAwakening a world to the morning that promises millions of smiles Sat in a corner, looking through the window,  a frail little girlWondering what lay ahead, in a world that seemed to her most unjustLittle did she know what made her reel in blue, Little did she know why the morning brought more disappointment than beforeWas it something she saw, something she heard or something she knewJust a while ago, she saw her neighbor crying all the  way, dragging her feetRunning away from the yellow van, most eagerly waiting to take her to schoolMade the frail little girl wonder more and more,As to why some people throw what they get, and some people never get what they are worthFor all she wanted was the gift of knowledge, the gift of education, the gift of awarenessBut all she was given was the gift of poverty, the gift of a window, and the gift of yearning.


Shining Stars of the day:

1.       Disha – Granted the most fulfilling wish – To live as the Superstar  –Aye  Rascala!

2.       Madhav – Showstopper 😉 Even the police guys trembled before arresting him

3.       DJ (Dhananjay) – Brought in tactful direction amidst all the chaotic action

4.       Loveee (Lavanya) – She cried the best with a cute smile

5.       Sharan – Calm and composed aggression

6.       Vansh – Killer acting with his white hanky and “Aati Kya Khandala”

7.       Deepu (Bhand/Deepika) – Mamma mamma, let us leave mamma

8.       Akhil – Our dearest Neta, still in character

9.       Anish & Nikhil – Full on co-ordination!


Some Pictures :



Not for love anymore_ Geti Ara

I do not want to touch the blue

As the blue turns red

And yellow turns red

I do not want to write in black

Because black turns red

My fingers bleed

My pores spit out red

I cherish lilac

The smoothness, the innocence is gone

What is left is red

The ochre, the emerald greens

With a blink of the eye I find them red

All my reveries are swept away

By the ebb that is red

I do not want to see

I think of stop touching

I shall stop breathing

Red is strangling me


Red isn’t for love anymore

– Preetha S.


Day 3 : Episode

A young woman went to her mother and told her about her life and how things were so hard for her.  She did not know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up.  She was tired of fighting and struggling.  It seemed as if as soon as one problem was solved a new one arose.  Her mother took her to the kitchen.

The mother filled three pots with water.

In the first, she placed carrots.
In the second she placed eggs.
And the last she placed ground coffee beans.

She let them sit and boil without saying a word.  About twenty minutes later, she turned off the burners.

She fished the carrots out and placed them in a bowl. She pulled the eggs out and placed them in a bowl. Then she ladled the coffee out and placed it in a bowl.

Turning to her daughter, she said, “Tell me what you see.”

“Carrots, eggs, and coffee,” she replied. (You known the tone of voice.)

She brought her closer and asked her to feel the carrots. She did, and noted that they felt soft.

She then asked her to take an egg and break it. After pulling off the shell, she observed the hard-boiled egg inside.

Finally, she asked her to sip the coffee.  The daughter smiled as she tasted its rich aroma.

The daughter then asked, “So, what’s the point, mother?” (Remember the tone of voice.)

Her mother explained that each of these objects had faced the same adversity – boiling water – but each reacted differently.

The carrot went in strong, hard, and unrelenting. However, after being subjected to the boiling water, it softened and became weak.

The egg had been fragile.  Its thin outer shell had protected its liquid center. But, after sitting through the boiling water, its insides had become hardened.

The ground coffee beans were unique, however.  After they were in the boiling water…they had changed the water.

“Which are you?” she asked her daughter.  “When adversity knocks on your
door, how do you respond?  Are you a carrot , an egg, or a coffee bean?”

Think of this: Which am I?

Am I the carrot that seems strong, but with pain and adversity, do I wilt
and become soft and lose my strength?

Am I the egg that starts with a malleable heart, but changes with the heat?
Did I have a fluid spirit, but after a death, a breakup, a financial
hardship, or some other trial, have I become hardened and stiff?  Does my outer shell look the same, but on the inside am I bitter and tough with a stiff spirit and a hardened heart?

Or am I like the coffee bean?  The bean actually changes the hot water – the very circumstances that bring the pain.  When the water gets hot, it releases the fragrance and flavor of the bean.  If you are like the bean, when things are at their worst, you get better and change the situation around you instead of letting it change you.

When the hours are the darkest and trials are their greatest do you elevate to another level?

How do you handle Adversity?


Name of the event: Ad-Zap

Stars of the day:

Sharan: Jack of all trades!

  1. Rahul Krishnan: Deserves a bow from Mr MJ
  2. Madhav: He scratched, he missed, but he rocked!
  3. Rahul Prasad: Mr Wonder boy! Still wonders why we did what we did 😉
  4. Nikhil: Extreme emotion! Extreme tension!
  5. Mr Photographer: Danced his way through in style!
  6. Mayank: Hat hai hat hai bhai hat hai!
  7. Meenu: Jay ma ki jay!



Day 4 : Episode


Of odds and survival
I am not a star.
There is no nimbus over my head.
Destiny doesn’t like the colour of my eyes.
Battle and bitter conflict are old friends of mine.
I am survival. I am guts. I am pride.
I like odds.
Especially when they’re stacked against me.
Because there will come a time,
when I shall stare them in the eye.
And smile the smile of a girl who’s pulled it off.
I am the girl who will have deep lines on her face someday.
And it’ll make me look good when I laugh.
Because that is the day I will fear no fear.
And taste sweat that is sweet.
And look back for the very first time and say,
I did it my way.
The long hard way…


Heroes of the day:

Karthik R takes the crown today. He had the whole audience rolling on the floor laughing! Kudos! Vanshaj was great support, Karthik will agree!

Rahul Krishnan’s performance for Tu Hi Re was a class apart! He danced his life off, in spite of tripping during the performance. Hat’s off to his commitment!

Meenu was just awesome! Sujith’s performance in the impromptu round was by far the best! Rahul Prasad and Namrata have done us proud!

Shreyansh and Aneesh have advanced to the semis in Caroms. Good game, Guys!