TAPMI CXO Leadership Lecture Series: Guest Session by Mr. Damodar Mall, CEO – Reliance Retail


TAPMI welcomed Mr.Damodar Mall, the man behind Big Bazaar, DMart and who is now with Reliance Retail. Mr. Mall is the author of the acclaimed book “Supermarketwalla : Secrets to Winning Consumer India” . Much of his interaction revolved around the contents of the book: why retailers should make room for the “elbow push factor”, how to stop short of becoming a “shopkeeper-in-law”, and what to design for the “Gold-collared man”, among other things.


Mr. Mall discussed about the rapidly changing demographics and psychographics of the Indian population which has given rise to new opportunities and new challenges for the marketer. One area where we see the effect of this change is in retail.There is no longer one solution for all and it has become imperative to get to know consumers at close quarters to be able to talk to them meaningfully.Mr Mall talked about the changing roles and ways of the modern consumer and the aspects of behaviour that define a person’s attitude to retail.


The interaction was very enlightening for the students as the speaker shared a lot of insights from the retail sector. He also answered various questions put forward by students. The guest lecture conducted by Mr. Mall at TAPMI was a great learning experience for the students, future retail managers and those who crave to understand consumer dynamics.


TAPMI CXO Leadership Lecture Series: Guest Session by Mr Rampraveen Swaminathan, President, International Paper Inc.


Mr Rampraveen Swaminathan, visited TAPMI on the 8th of October, 2014 to interact with the students. The session was conducted as a part of the TAPMI CxO Leadership Lecture Series. Mr Rampraveen is the President of the International Paper Inc, and serves as the MD and CEO of the International Paper APPM ltd. a subsidiary of the mother firm.

He has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Strategy and General Management. Mr Rampraveen is an alumnus of TAPMI with an MBA in Finance. He set the context of the talk upfront by saying that the two topics he will be talking about will be the Company and Leadership.

He went on to tell about International Paper Inc, and its history. Established in 1898, it has operations in 24 countries and has more than 3000 employees in India. It acquired the Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills (APPM) in the year 2011 to form the Indian subsidiary firm International Paper APPM ltd. The revenue generated from its India operations is $0.4 billion, whereas the revenue generated from global operations is $34 billion.

They have a B2B model, wherein the business is segmented into the following divisions:

  • Industrial Packaging
  • Consumer Packaging
  • Printing Papers
  • Distribution

He spoke about the “Sustainable Forestry” philosophy that is followed by International Paper, as per which for every tree they cut, they plant four trees so that the environmental balance can be established and sustained. With this they have been able to grow wood and agro land and forms a major chuck of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

He then spoke about his experience and what it takes to be a successful leader. He said for a leader it is very important to be able to deal with Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. The major values that should be demonstrated by a leader are Courage, Higher Ambition and Entrepreneurship. He said that leaders should have learning agility, network centricity and diversity.

???????????????????????????????He ended the lecture by saying that, “It is always necessary that we do what is right, rather than doing what is convenient”. The lecture ended with the TAPMI Placement Forum, extending the vote of thanks to Mr Rampraveen for taking time out of his busy schedule and addressing the students of TAPMI.

TAPMI CXO Leadership Lecture Series: Session by Mr Arun Gollapudi, CEO of Systech Solutions


TAPMI hosted the next instalment in the CxO Leadership Lecture series by inviting Mr Arun Gollapudi, CEO of Systech Solutions on September 29th 2014. He was accompanied by Mr Ashish Parikh, CFO at Systech Solutions.

Mr Arun started the lecture by speaking about TAPMI and the recent infrastructural developments that have happened in the campus with special mention about the state-of-the-art Bloomberg Lab. He expressed heartfelt gratitude for the founder of TAPMI, Dr TMA Pai who has been an inspiration for many.

He went on to speak about the recent technological changes that are happening in Analytics and importance of storing data and the information that is extracted from data. He said that practical application is more important that mere theoretical knowledge.


According to Mr Arun, it is very important to take decision quickly, especially given the fast paced times in which we live. He gave examples about the how government has started hiring fresh MBA graduates in order to strengthen their skills in the field of Business Intelligence and Analytics. The corporate investments in Big Data technologies has also increased manifold, with companies ready to pay third party vendors in order to get information in visual format for quicker decision making.

He spoke about the way the focus has shifted from manufacturing to the customer and how importance it is to achieve sustainability in the technological advancements we are making. According to him, In the current scenario focus should be on innovation and entrepreneurship.


At the end of the session he invited questions from the students and answered them with real life examples. The students found the session highly informational and insightful and benefitted from the experience and knowledge shared by Mr Arun Gollapudi. The TAPMI family stays highly indebted to Mr Arun and Mr Ashish for taking time out from their busy schedules and thanked them for the interaction.

Inauguration of the TAPMI CXO Leadership Lecture Series by Mr Veera Raja, President and Managing Director of TE Connectivity India


18th July 2014 saw the Inauguration ceremony of the TAPMI CXO Leadership Lecture Series. This ceremony was honoured by the presence of Mr Veera Raja, President and Managing Director of TE Connectivity India, Dr R C Natarajan, Director of TAPMI, and Prof. Chowdhary Prasad, Dean – Admissions and PR at TAPMI. The ceremony was a predecessor to the Leadership lectures to be held in the following days, and market their beginning with the inspiring words of Mr Raja.

After an exquisite floral welcome to the guest, Prof Chowdhary delivered the welcome address and performed the iteration of the various achievements of the esteemed guest. The lamp-lighting then took place, following which, Mr Raja addressed the crowd of students gathered and shared his various experiences for their benefit. He talked about his many years of work, from the time of his giving up his dream of becoming an engineer, to the 14th of July, 2014, when he completed a decade of being a CEO. He narrated many small and big incidents of his life, and the learning he derived from them, on how he handled the various challenges that life threw at him, and how he made the best the of them by taking up each challenge as an opportunity and making the best of it.


He left behind a number of gems of words for the students to ponder over, such as “Unless you work-hard continuously, success will also come at specific instances, never perpetually”, “There are issues in every organization; the only way to change anything is to drive the policies yourself”, “Take decisions based on what is right, and not who is right”, “Don’t chase visibility, chase challenges” and many more.

At the end of his inspiring words, he was duly honoured by the Director through the presentation of a memento to him, and the event was officially declared as having begun.