Raksha Bandhan at Bal Niketan – Organized by Social Endeavour Group (SEG) of TAPMI, Manipal


“Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect”, SEG at TAPMI believes in this philosophy in its true spirit. With exams and events livening up the TAPMIANS, SEG in its own little way created some heart-warming moments this Raksha Bandhan. On August 10th the SEG team with a dynamic team of 35 volunteers made its way to Balniketan to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. The excitement was contagious the night before, with the SEG team planning for the special day and the volunteers running errands to get candies and what not for the children at Balniketan. Children at Balniketan too were looking forward for this day. Infact, they were delighted with the idea of celebrating Raksha Bandhan and in turn had started preparing for some performances.

The D- day arrived and SEG team with its team of volunteers reached Balniketan .The team was greeted with open arms and the delight on the faces of children was overwhelming. The SEG team had a heart chat with all the children and told them what was waiting for them. The team shared some Rakhis with all the children and then one of our volunteer proficient with Kannada spoke about the importance of this day. The celebrations started with children tying colourful Rakhis to their fellow mates and our volunteers. The SEG team surprised the little ones with a cake followed by some snacks and refreshments. The joy of sharing was immense and it could be felt that both the children and volunteers were having a great time together. Then we had a set of lovely performances by the children .The SEG team made the day even more memorable by ending it with planting some saplings. It was really moving to see that the children were loving each moment of it but it was time to go. SEG and the volunteers bade their goodbyes to the children with a promise to come back again next year with lot more surprises and joys in store.

-by Atithi Rath & Rajat Dobhal


Computer training session by Social Endeavor Group@ TAPMI




“You’ll have so many TV’s akka”. This was the first statement that Renuka made when she entered the G1 Lab, TAPMI. In the era when people of her age are developing online applications and games, she and her classmates did not know what a computer was. To cater to the academic needs of the children and to facilitate the practical learning experience the Social Endeavour Group, TAPMI conducted a computer training session on 3 Feb 2014 for the students of Rajiv Nagar School, near Manipal. Members from SEG visited the school and collected information regarding the needs of the students and their curriculum before the class was scheduled. All the prior sessions were conducted for class 9th and 10th. This was the first time that we conducted classes for class 8 students. 30 students of 8th grade attended this session. They  concepts were explained in Kannada by student volunteers and lots of real world examples were explained, to which the kids could easily relate. Topics like different components of a computer and their uses, getting familiar with the input devices, creation and deletion of folders and word documents etc were covered in the two hour session. In order to make it more effective only the basics were covered and more time was given to the children to practice. The session was backed up by a strong volunteer support. 15 volunteers including the SEG members helped the kids to learn the new concepts and also fostered a healthy learning environment. Language was no barrier in the process as the volunteers easily demonstrated to the students. The children were encouraged to ask questions and all the concepts were revised again. The children were provided with refreshments and towards the end of the session their feedback was collected. The joy of seeing them elated on encountering this new device was priceless. SEG thanks all its volunteers for their continuous and selfless support in this noble task. 

Raksha Bandhan @ TAPMI

Happiness is a gem which sparkles every time you share it with others.

The students of TAPMI had such an experience when they visited Shri Krishna Bal Niketan, an orphanage in Udupi, on the eve of Rakshabandhan and shared some joyous moments with the children. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is meant to strengthen the bonding between brothers and sisters, and the festival had a deeper meaning for the students of TAPMI this time as they got a chance to share a few happy moments of this auspicious day with the children there.


The event was organised by the Social Endeavour Group of TAPMI on August 13, 2011. The activities of the day were:

– Movie screening for the children

– Celebration of Raksha Bandhan by tying Rakhis

– Interaction with the children over snacks

– Singing some popular songs with the kids

– Sharing some happy moments on the field ocer a game of cricket

In the words of Gautam Buddha, “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared”. Let us all continue to share our gifts with the people around.

-Social Endeavour Group

JoyFest 2010 Starts @ TAPMI

“Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance I want to grow up once again”

The children from Shri Krishna Balniketan, an orphanage in Udupi, brought in more than just some sunshine and the wish to relive one’s childhood as they brought in vibrancy and freshness of childhood to the TAPMI Campus. As a part of the initiative taken by Social Endeavour Group (SEG) of TAPMI, to celebrate Joyfest 2010, the children from Shri Krishna Balniketan were brought to the Campus and were taught painting, dancing and singing. This was done in preparation for the final fundraising event on the 2nd of October when these children would give performances so as to create awareness about their organization.

Day 1 of Joyfest 2010 at TAPMI

The day one of ‘Joyfest Week 2010’ as it is known kicked off on a very enthusiastic note for both the children and the student volunteers of TAPMI who offered to spend their time with the children. The objective of spreading joy among the lesser privileged was served very well as the children showed great enthusiasm to learn be it dancing, singing or painting. Language didn’t seem to be a barrier as the children were able to emulate and follow the instructions via gestures.

All in all it was an emotional experience to interact with kids who were so full of life and happiness despite missing out on so many necessities and luxuries which are offered on a platter to most of the kids their age. After zealously practicing for an hour and a half they were more than happy to end the day with some snacks and watching cartoons. They bid adieu with the promise to be back in time the next day to fervently pursue the practice sessions.

School library set up by TAPMIans

This Independence Day was special for Udupi Zilla Panchayat Samyuktha Praudha Shale, Manipal and TAPMI as the Social Endeavor Group (SEG), the student driven social initiative group of TAPMI donated about 500 books and also helped the government school set up a dedicated library in the school premises.

The library was inaugurated by Colonel Thammayya Udupa, Manager (Administration) and Prof. Raghunath Rudran of TAPMI. Col. Thammayya in his address urged the students to read more by saying, “A person who does not read is as good as a person who cannot read”. Mr.Prakash, Head Master of the school said, “We thank TAPMI and are very happy that our students would now be able to read in a dedicated library, also special time would be allocated to encourage students to read the library books”. The library has a collection of about 500 books (English and Kannada) on varied topics ranging from inspirational biographies, short stories and English grammar which would benefit more than 400 students currently studying at the school.

Library Inauguration on Independence Day
Library Inauguration on Independence Day

Apart from this, PGP2 students have been taking English classes since last month in this school for more than 70 students belonging to 8th, 9th and 10th std. The school students are taught general spoken and writing skills which augments their routine English course. Prof. Rudran said, “I believe giving back to the society in terms of our time and effort is more important than just a monetary support“. Going forward, the SEG also plans to set up a science laboratory for the school and also increase the library collection.

-Media & Industry Relations Committee