Mr. Raj Narayan, Senior Vice President and Chief of Human Resource, Titan Industries at DISHA – TAPMI

Mr Raj Narayan Talking To Students On Human Resource In Modern Times

Mr. Raj Narayan Senior Vice President and Chief of Human Resource at Titan Company Limited gave a guest lecture to students on the role and relevance of HR with increase in Technology.

Mr. Narayan commenced by telling that the Human Resources training has paved way to blended learning in modern times. He iterated that the Human Resource Department of organization is no more a business partner but an integral part of business.

He stressed that the department’s key focus needs to be innovation and that the department needs to have platforms where employees showcase innovation. Also the Human Resource Department should give opportunities to employees to incubate their entrepreneurial ideas. It can opt for trainee level recruitment and training programs. He asserted that the organizations should give the employees opportunity to take risk. He also iterated that the HR department should ensure there is a proper and effective process and system of feedback. The feedback should go to managers and employees or in other words the feedback needs to be top-down as well as bottom-up.

He gave an example from Titan which follows feedback giving practices in which the employees give feedback to the Managing Director in annual events. Also the HR Department should take action on that feedback. He also stressed on importance of award and recognition to the employees.

A new term co-creation was brought forward by Mr. Narayan which is and should be followed by good organizations. Earlier HR used to come with self-made policies which were imposed on employees and HR was seen as power. But with changing times, HR now co-creates policies. He laid emphasis on the co-creation by HR in formulation of policies which are now created with group discussions and active feedback. This ensures HR is part of business and not a business partner.

The lecture was followed by an interactive session in which students asked a plethora of questions. While answering to queries he busted the myth that HR jobs are easy as there are no targets to be met in these jobs and it requires dealing with people. On answering a query whether one should start their career in small organizations or big multinationals while considering HR as their line, Mr. Narayan replied that both offer unique learning experiences. While small organizations project complexities in terms of breadth of organization and the variety of jobs that need to be performed under a single hat, large organizations provide less variety and focuses on jobs in a deeper manner. On answering another question whether role of HR increases/decreases as one moves up the ladder, he said it definitely increases in the form of counseling et al. If the counseling has to be provided there are decisions to be made if coach should be external or internal.

On the importance of encouragement of ideas he concluded by revealing a wonderful practice followed by Tanishq Jewellery whenever any girl child is born in Agra. He narrated a story; a Tanishq employee while leaving work saw a woman beating up her girl and abusing her, the only reason she being a girl. This hurt him and he started a trend that whenever any girl child would be born, her family would be presented with a box of sweets and chocolates and given some education on what heights women have scaled today. This practice is followed till date. From a marketers’ lens, this is an opportunity as every girl loves jewellery and the connection with Tanishq starts right from her childhood. He also informed about the Titan Kanya Program followed by Titan where funds are raised from employees and franchisees for educating girl children. There are targets set every year on the number of girl children to be impacted by the program. The whole session left the audience enthralled and richer with knowledge on current HR practices and Mr. Narayan’s experiences. The session concluded with presentation of memento to the guest.


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