Computer training session by Social Endeavor Group@ TAPMI




“You’ll have so many TV’s akka”. This was the first statement that Renuka made when she entered the G1 Lab, TAPMI. In the era when people of her age are developing online applications and games, she and her classmates did not know what a computer was. To cater to the academic needs of the children and to facilitate the practical learning experience the Social Endeavour Group, TAPMI conducted a computer training session on 3 Feb 2014 for the students of Rajiv Nagar School, near Manipal. Members from SEG visited the school and collected information regarding the needs of the students and their curriculum before the class was scheduled. All the prior sessions were conducted for class 9th and 10th. This was the first time that we conducted classes for class 8 students. 30 students of 8th grade attended this session. They  concepts were explained in Kannada by student volunteers and lots of real world examples were explained, to which the kids could easily relate. Topics like different components of a computer and their uses, getting familiar with the input devices, creation and deletion of folders and word documents etc were covered in the two hour session. In order to make it more effective only the basics were covered and more time was given to the children to practice. The session was backed up by a strong volunteer support. 15 volunteers including the SEG members helped the kids to learn the new concepts and also fostered a healthy learning environment. Language was no barrier in the process as the volunteers easily demonstrated to the students. The children were encouraged to ask questions and all the concepts were revised again. The children were provided with refreshments and towards the end of the session their feedback was collected. The joy of seeing them elated on encountering this new device was priceless. SEG thanks all its volunteers for their continuous and selfless support in this noble task. 


Sankalp- Finals@ TAPMI Atharva 2014

Sankalp’s final round- ‘the elevator speech’ stood true to its name by testing the creativity and entrepreneurship skills of all the participants to its maximum. The contestants were rigorously evaluated by all the 3 judges’ to bring out the best of their entrepreneurship talent.


Participants from all the five teams –

  • Pegasus (Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai)
  • Eccentrics (Goa Institute of Management)
  • Green Guzzlers (T. A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal) 
  • Avengers (National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai)
  • Lesaviours (Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode)

Each team was given a time of 3 minutes to present their B-plan. All the teams came out with different competitive strategies for their plans. This was followed by a heated question and an answer round between the judges and the contestants. A variety of questions were asked on strategies and and their impact.

  • The proud winners of the event were Goa institute of Management with Narsee Monjee institute of management taking home the second place.

The event was intellectually stimulating and provided the students a great opportunity to display their entrepreneurial skills.

Make Your Mark @ TAPMI Atharva 2014

Make Your Mark is essentially a marketing event, which took place over two days consisting of troubleshooting a real life managerial crisis, designing a marketing plan and lastly a simulation game.

The judges of the MYM were Prof. Vinod Madhavan, Dr. Gururaj Kidiyoor and Dr. Siva Kumar, judging different sub events for the same, and the participants were from IIM-B, NITIE and TAPMI, with each had a team of two members.

To elaborate upon the events, on day 1 Participants were given a case about a shop run by NGO in Udupi.  They were taken to that shop so that they can understand the problems and clarify their doubts by asking questions to store manager. Followed by which a presentation had to be made citing the solutions for the same.

Next was a marketing plan designing competitions wherein the participants were supposed to select a product among the 4 innovative products given to them previously and prepare its marketing plan.

Day2 saw the simulation game competition called BrandPro. The Simulation consisted of a product and they had to design brand strategy with certain factors mentioned in the simulation. Team which had maximum Share Price index won that round.

The event saw rigorous participation from all the teams and had lots of learning for them in store. The winner was the team from IIM-Bangalore who grabbed prizes worth Rs. 15,000 and the runners up was team from NITIE, who walked away with prizes worth Rs.8000.

TAPMI Atharva 2014 hosts Mr. Sarathbabu Elumalai, Entrepreneur and Social worker

Mr Sarathbabu Elumalai, Entrepreneur, Social worker and founder of Food King Catering Services Private Limited was on campus today to talk to first year students as part of Atharva 2014 @TAPMI .  He is the winner of several awards such as CNN-IBN Award for Young Indian Leader, ‘Pepsi-MTV Youth Icon’ and ‘Example to Youth Award’. His story is a true motivation for people aspiring to rise up in life through sheer hard work. 


During the one hour he spent, he walked the students through his life story. Starting with his early days as a schoolboy, he narrated the hardships he underwent and yet how he strived to see the positive side through all of them. He further went on to illustrate an efficient mechanism of minimizing raw material costs by giving an example of the book binding business he involved himself in during high school where he made much larger profits than his competitors.

Talking about his life as a student of Chemical Engineering at BITS, Pilani he shared his experiences of meeting new people who had grown up in set ups much different than his own and how he eventually went on to become the coordinator. He also enlightened the audience about the origin of his efforts towards starting the Hunger Free India foundation and the background of 10th October as Hunger Free day. The talk was followed by a Q&A session where Mr. Elumalai clarified many questions in the minds of the students with examples from his own life.

Today @ TAPMI Atharva : January 31,2014


After the stalwarts had their say at Polemic, it was the turn of young management students with entrepreneurial passion to showcase their business acumen at Sankalp, the B-Plan competition at Atharva 2014. 4 teams made it to the finals after an exhaustive elimination process that saw teams from the best B-schools in the country battled it out.  The finalists were –

  1. Pegasus (Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai) – Aggregators of luxury car rental services in major Indian cities
  2. Eccentrics (Goa Institute of Management) – A premium dhaba located on the outskirts of Bangalore
  3. Green Guzzlers (T. A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal)  – Synergizing solar and wind energy
  4. Avengers (National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai) – A model to eliminate middlemen between farmers and the market – the only rural marketing B-Plan at Sankalp this year
  5. Lesaviours (Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode) – Aiming to minimize the crisis of solid waste management

The event was judged by a team of 3 judges. The Panelists are all accomplished achievers with decades of combined experience in various sectors and domains. They fired incisive questions after each student presentation and evaluated each event comprehensively. The teams held their own against the barrage of questions though which is a testament to their levels of preparation, dedication and passion. The teams took criticism on their chin and were very professional on addition to being eager to learn from the criticisms of the judges.

The panel of expert judges –

  • Mohan Narayanan – An alumnus of IIT Madras and co-founder and CEO of Kubos Consultancy Services
  • Prakash Gurumoorthy – Managing Director- India at Group FMG
  • Ashwin Raguraman – COO of Indian Innovation Fund



As a part of the fest, the finance event “Infinity” was conducted to give the students a chance to demonstrate their financial acumen. The competition was aimed at targeting the uncertainties in the market and helping students wade through turbulent situations. The case which was given was “Reliance Communications – House of Cards”. Students were asked to elaborate on the intrinsic values of the company, the financial performance and the future outlook of the company. Judged by Professors Vrishali Bhat and Durga Prasad, the teams spoke about Reliance’s overview, its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities and various lessons learnt from this analysis. Teams from various B-schools such as GIM, NIRMA, NMIMS and SDMIMD took part in the event. Apart from the competition, the event provided a rich learning regarding competitor analysis, investment rationale and valuation. A variety of questions were asked on strategies undertaken by Reliance. The event was intellectually stimulating and provided students with a plethora of information regarding financial decisions and forecasting.



Make your mark, the marketing event, has been rigorously designed to test the marketing acumen of all participants. A series of games and challenges will force teams to assimilate information meaningfully and present valid conclusions and answers to the questions thrown at them. The prelims were conducted today, with the top marketing minds in the country fighting it out for a place in the grand finale happening tomorrow.

A Colorful start to Atharva 2014 @TAPMI, Manipal


The inaugural ceremony for TAPMI Atharva 2014 kicked off today on 31st January, 2014. Starting in 1986, TAPMI Atharva enters its 27th year launching itself in a new avatar with plethora of events. It transcends new heights with more than 1200 participants from over 60 institutes and not just across the country but also internationally. TAPMI Atharva 2013-14 has “Transcending Boundaries” as its theme which signifies the growing trend in the world to obviate the boundaries between people, countries and thoughts.

The chief guest for the event was Ms Anita Tripathy, President InVentiv Health and TAPMI Director Dr RC Natarajan. The ceremony began with lighting of the lamp, rendering of invocation and guests occupying the stage seats. Dr RC Natarajan addressed the gathering. Welcoming the gathering the director remarked that one event that makes TAPMI proud and distinguishes the flagship event Atharva of TAPMI from events of other B-schools is Quiz on the Beach (QOTB). He asked the students to enjoy the two days and said such events give important opportunity to meet counterparts of other B-Schools. He extended warm wishes for the next two days.

Vinni Chowdhary, Convener of Atharva 2014 introduced the event TAPMI Atharva 2014 and present an overview. Ms Vinni highlighted the key developments this year of the event. Run for a Cause, a prelude to TAPMI Atharva was conducted on 26th January 2014. TAPMI Atharva continues its tradition to support a noble cause every year by conducting its “Run for a cause” marathon and this time it associated it with MARD(Men Against Rape and Discrimination). MARD is an initiative by noted Indian Director and Actor Mr Farhan Akhtar. The foundation is involved in spreading awareness among Indian youth to stand up against the incidents of rape and gender discrimination happening across the country. MARD works to bring about a change in the mindset and thereby bringing about a sustainable change in society. The marathon helped in spreading awareness about protection of women and their rights. The proceedings from the event would go to “Magic Bus India” an NGO associated with MARD.

Atharva’s flagship event “Quiz on the beach” enters its 11th year and promises to give a unique quizzing experience to all avid quizzers. QOTB is the most widespread college quizzing event in this country. This year it has taken a step ahead by conducting preliminary rounds in Chennai along with Bangalore and Mumbai. QOTB 2014 also had an international online round in sync with overall theme of Atharva of transcending the boundaries. The finals of the event will be hosted by Dr Navin Jayakumar at Kaup Beach on 1st February.

Vinni concluded that TAPMI Atharva 2014 continues to deliver what it has always promised- “an intellectual and challenging environment” for the participants coupled with an element of fun and social responsibility and extended warm welcome to all.

The chief guest Ms Anita Tripathy, encouraged the students to always strive for excellence and extended warm wishes. Dr RC Natarajan then declared the commencement of Atharva 2014.

The ceremony concluded with Mr Neeraj Vishnu Mundayur, Co-convener of Atharva 2014 rendering the Vote of thanks. Inaugural ceremony was followed by Polemic, the socio-corporate debate.

Mr. Rajan Bedi, HCL Technologies on ‘Sales in IT & ERS Outsourcing Industry’

Mr. Rajan Bedi, Head Business Acquisition Hitech and Manufacturing, Engineering Services Business, HCL Technologies interacted with students of T A Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal on 24th August 2013. Mr. Bedi has been associated with HCL Technologies for the last eight years. Prior to this, he has worked with Yamaha Motors, Ramco Systems, Commerce One and Microsoft Business Solutions. He has demonstrated skills from Business Acquisition to Building High Performance Presales Teams, Customer Relationship Management, Winning Large Outsourcing Deals, Large and Complex Client Visits and Strategic Projects for the Corporate Office. Apart from his rich professional experience, he enjoys mentoring young minds. Owing to this initiative, he delivered a Guest Lecture on ‘Sales in Information Technology/Engineering and R&D Services (IT/ERS) Outsourcing Industry’ at TAPMI.

The Guest Lecture began with Mr. Bedi speaking about HCL Technologies and its clients. Few of the established brands catered to by HCL Technologies are Boeing and Airbus. He spoke about the value system followed at HCL Technologies. Trust, Transparency and Flexibility, Value Centricity are the three core values which act as guiding principles at HCL Technologies. It also follows an exclusive management philosophy of ‘Employees First, Customers Second’. HCL Technologies is present across 31 countries and has a diverse portfolio of 9 verticals and 5 service lines. Industry verticals include Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail and CPG, EU and Public Services, Telecom, Manufacturing, etc. The horizontal service lines include Information Services, Custom Applications, Application Services, Engineering and R&D, BPO Services.

After a brief introduction of HCL Technologies, Mr. Bedi discussed as to why outsourcing is important to an organization. Focus on primary areas, reduced risk, handling technology changes, cost benefits – savings for investing in competencies and hence better planning are the main reasons for outsourcing. This was followed by a discussion on selection of outsourcing providers by clients. Sourcing partners are evaluated based on a methodology followed. First, a business case is put forward to the client by the providers, followed by which Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) processes takes place. Vendor Evaluation Model (VEM), reference checking, oral presentations and site visits, identification of final list, completing due diligence/final pricing processes takes place after which the final service provider is selected. It is crucial to develop an appropriate evaluation document. The best practice for devising an evaluation document is to determine the right vehicle for fact finding and to maintain commitment against timelines and norms set. The steps for developing a VEM is to determine and define the key evaluation criteria, scoring system, weightings, create relevant RFP sections, analyse scores, issues and risk management plans and contract negotiation.

Mr. Bedi threw light on the organizational structure of a typical IT company. He also spoke about Infrastructure Management as the biggest and fastest growing horizontal in the industry. The responsibilities of an IT/ERS Salesperson were covered by Mr. Bedi in detail. The audience contributed to this discussion by mentioning few of the various roles carried on by a salesperson – meeting revenue targets and competition intelligence/replacement. The other major roles and activities played by an IT/ERS Salesperson are business planning, account management, organization mapping, relationship building, business creation, managing deals, RFI and RFP due diligence, client visits, contract closure and bonus calculations.

Significant focus was drawn to the necessities required to win a large outsourcing relationship. Apart from maintaining a good client relationship, it is essential to have the right information and understand the customer in depth. This can be achieved by studying the annual report, investor report, M&A of the customer. It is important to identify the needs of the customer to align the approach taken to address customer needs. It is vital to understand the channel ecosystem and also be aware of the key decision makers in the customer organization. A good coach, advisory, client references, risk and mitigation factors are the other key requirements for acquiring an outsourcing relationship. The value addition provided in the proposed solution is the sole differentiator from solutions provided by other providers. The price charged by a provider will commensurate with the value perceived by the customer. Hence, it becomes imperative to identify and understand what the customer is likely to hold as added value to their organization.

The Guest Lecture reached its end with Mr. Bedi touching up on career opportunities at HCL Technologies – Sales, Pre-Sales, Marketing and Corporate Office Strategy. Sales include new sales hiring, sales with existing clients and large account management. The floor was open for questions from the audience, which was actively carried forward by both the speaker and the audience. Queries from students ranged from areas like presence of sales team in verticals and horizontals to product versus service sales, advertisements having an impact in the service industry, career progression, identifying untapped spaces and potential determination, effect of cultural and regional differences in sales. Mr. Rajan Bedi kept the audience engaged throughout his address. This Guest Lecture ended successfully with a large number of students showing enthusiasm and keen interest in working in the Sales and Pre-Sales domain after their two year Post Graduate Diploma in Management programme.