Brand Management Workshop – 23 November 2013


Marketing and General Management forum (MGM), the marketing core of TAPMI has initiated a series of workshops M-POWER, to provide knowledge and exposure to the students by organizing interactions with industry leaders. 

As a part of the M-Power series, MGM, in association with Placement Committee recently organized a workshop on Brand Management. The three hour workshop was an interactive session with Mr.Prashant Parameswaran, Head- Consumer Insights, General Mills – Asia, MENA and Turkey.

 Mr.Parameswaran has previously worked with Colgate-Palmolive and Nielsen Company, India and has over 15 years of experience in branding. The three hour workshop spanned across branding, understanding the customer, getting, analyzing and interpreting valuable customer insights and sustaining the brand. 

The workshop started with an introduction to branding, the basic principle of brand building demonstrated with advertisements and insightful discussion on the same. The discussion moved on to ‘Customer Connect’ – connecting the brand and customer, the strategy required and the challenges faced. The session exclusively focused on the importance of identifying ‘Brand Champion’ – the specific group of customers which our product would target. Steps to identify and articulate a brand champion were discussed quoting several products/brands as examples. 

The process of how to capture customer insight was explained in a sequential manner. The process involves uncovering the psychological and behavioral aspects of gaining customer insights which is not just about gathering statistical facts. 

The next part of the workshop involved explaining the final step to sustainable brand building- how to build a sustainable brand and acquire the ‘growth idea’, which is a series of process starting from identifying brand champion and analyzing consumer insights and ending in formulating a ‘growth idea’. There was also a brief overview of the benefit ladder framework that was presented, which ranks new products based on the rational or emotional benefits they offer. This helps us identify in what stage our brand is.

Mr.Parameswaran also gave several examples from his own company, some of which included the branding for Pillsbury, how they had begun, how the brand grew and how they sustain the brand in the long run.

The speaker concluded his session to a standing ovation from the audience, post which some more questions were posed. Mr. Parameswaran keenly answered all the queries posed by the enthusiastic students.

The event was well received among the students. They had gained several new perspectives and valuable insights to branding, customer connect and sustainment, which is essentially several years’ worth of learning and experiences packaged in a workshop. 


Mr Prakash Dadlani, Vice President – Marketing Excellence at 3M India delivers a lecture at TAPMI

Manipal, Karnataka, Aug 13th 2012 – T. A. Pai Management institute, Manipal: Mr. Prakash Dadlani, Vice President – Marketing Excellence at 3M India visited T. A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal on 13th Aug, 2012 to deliver a guest lecture to 2nd year students.

Mr. Prakash Dadlani, who joined 3M India 1 year ago, brings to the table immense industry experience of more than 15 years in different marketing and research roles; talked about Marketing in B2B, innovation driven companies, changing role of marketing and also gave a brief insight on repositioning of corporate brands. He debunked the myth of marketing being a responsibility of solely the marketing department explaining how every department needs to effectively work towards marketing and brand building. He talked about the nature of marketing in innovation centric companies.  He talked about how 3M acquires customer insights using qualitative information and intuition as opposed to popular quantitative marketing research methodologies.

He emphasized on the point that today’s industry is increasingly accepting marketing as core of strategy and not merely a business function. His enlightening talk was followed by open house session, wherein students asked questions varying from parent brand – sub brand relation, role of digital/social media in B2B marketing, career in B2B sales versus B2C sales, Dos and Don’ts of B2B marketing etc. Mr. Dadlani won over students with his sound marketing insights and has received a standing ovation at the end of the lecture.

Session on “Branding” by Dr. Tapan Kumar Panda

A simple question is often asked in a Marketing class, “What is a Brand”?

On the 4th of August, Dr Tapan Kumar Panda addressed the PGP-1 and PGP-2 students of T. A. Pai Management Institute and rendered an interesting talk on “Branding”.

Dr. Panda is currently the President, Marketing & Corporate Affairs of Everonn Education Limited, Chennai. He holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration on “Brand Personality as a Competitive Advantage”. He has an academic experience of over 16 years and has taught at various prestigious B-Schools like IIM-I, IIM-K and IIM-L.

He narrated his previous assignments which included popular brands like LG, Woodland, Axis Bank, etc. He explained the complex aspects involved in branding by associating them to simple examples. Stressing on the role of Indian housewives, Dr. Panda said that they are the most intelligent of the entire consumer segment. In mid ’80s, through the woman in the Surf Ad “Lalitaji”, for the first time an Ad depicted the independent decision making capability of Indian women. This was a revolution in the then male dominated Indian society.

Another simple and most impactful branding concept that Dr. Panda stressed on was the Brand ‘Wheel’ of HUL. It was the first time when Unilever moved from its usual implementation of a global strategy to local strategy and going for the reverse. In a series of TV ads, the various values associated with Wheel were showed. These values included: 1. “Safai” for functional value, 2. “Jalan” for Sensory value, 3. “Izzat” as Ego-satisfaction, 4. Social Value and 5. Conditional Value.

Fig: How a brand is created

As per the current trends, consumers now seek convenience in every aspect of their life. Hence branding of Maggi has been done in such a manner that now Maggi has been moved from a Lifestage product to a Lifestyle product.

Through the brief session of one hour, Dr. Panda encapsulated the vast experience he has in the field of Branding and presented it in the most simplistic yet detailed manner. Not just the students of PGP-2 but also the new PGP-1 students got an insight into the exciting and challenging world of Brand Management.

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