Guest Lecture by Mr Manish Kumar, Chief Digital Officer, Red Chilllies Entertainment and Kolkata Knight Riders


The names – Red Chillies Entertainment and Kolkata Knight Riders buzzed in the TAPMI campus on 27th July ’14 when Mr. Manish Kumar, Chief Digital Officer, Red Chillies Entertainment and Kolkata Knight Riders arrived on campus to have a session with the TAPMI students which was like home coming for him, being an alumnus of TAPMI; batch of 2005. Mr. Kumar made the whole session an interest driven one since it was all about marketing movies of different genre and on the other hand, how cricket today has connected with Bollywood.

He began with a brief introduction on the much lesser known sector in the field of marketing i.e. Cricket and Movies. Not many producers were enthusiastic about “marketing” movies as it did not add any value to the movie per se and also didn’t contribute directly to the revenues. But within the last few years, both the movie industry and cricket had seen more of organisation, corporatisation and commercialisation.

He explained that although marketing of movies is an entirely different concept than promoting traditional products and services, the 4P’s of marketing and other concepts taught in the classroom are still relevant and very much in practice. And thinking along the lines of those concepts in real life situations become necessary in such an industry where in word-of-mouth, after a while of consuming the product (in this case, a week long after watching a movie), makes a huge difference. Also, price has made a huge difference now than earlier.


Further in the session, he discussed how in movie marketing IVRS and VAS recorded a success in middle class segment – Tier 2 and 3 cities, leveraging on the deep mobile penetration in India. Another dimension was added to the movie marketing through gaming which aimed at increasing the top-of-the-mind recall. Other innovative alternatives to movie marketing are video blogs, online games, mobile apps etc. Krrish 3 was one of the biggest digital projects undertaken which took digital marketing of movies to an entirely new level – Gaming across different platforms, series of emoticons for Facebook Messenger, motion comics, official movie augmented reality app, innovative mask app on Facebook, Karaoke App, branded IVR portal, website, celebrity chats, motion poster etc. The movie successfully proved that digital marketing increased the longevity of the movie brand.

Mr. Kumar talked about his experiences; how he realised that taking challenges was important in this field to have to make this industry what it is today. He began his stint at digital marketing of movies with Billu and as of now, he has Oh My God!, Housefull 2, Kurbaan, Badmaash Company, Kambakkht Ishq, Aashiqui 2, Student of the Year, Son of Sardaar etc. under his name apart from bigger box office movies like My Name is Khan, Kochadaiiyaan and Don 2. He stressed on the point that a relationship with the movie and the product endorsed in it was necessary so as to involve the viewer in the brand. For instance, the movie Blue featured Samsung Corby which was the first waterproof phone launched, My Name is Khan featured Reebok since both the brand connected with “journeys” and so on.

In the final hour of the session, he pointed out that if movie marketing has reached to the levels of motion sensing games, trailers of games and engaging people in interactive promotions, then cricket is also not far behind. Walking along the lines of football, cricket has also indulged into stadium promotions, team merchandise, promotional and entertainment videos etc. But definitely, cricket marketing is in its nascent stages and on the path of evolution.

The session concluded with a token of appreciation from the college to Mr. Kumar and a lot of students aspiring to become a part of the Indian entertainment industry in future.


Guest Lecture Session by Mr Mayank Jain, Area Business Manager, Tanishq, Titan Company Ltd.

Mayank Jain

I am travelling half the year around the world, every year, so coming home is one of the most beautiful things.

-Andre Rieu, Creator of Johann Strauss Orchestra

Home coming was indeed a beautiful experience for Mr. Mayank Jain who takes pride in being a TAPMIan. Currently, he’s serving as Area Business Manager, Tanishq, Titan Company Ltd. Mr. Jain was a part of 2010-12 batch and he was back to the campus on 13th July 2014, sharing his experience of the college days with the students and how TAPMI provided a thrust to his life when he made his way to Titan Company Ltd.

The main highlight of his experiences of the college time was the discipline and academic rigour part of TAPMI. He detailed the point that it may be possible that students might take the discipline and rigour of TAPMI as unnecessary and too harsh for them, but he stressed on the fact that in the long run it is that rigour only that pays off. It eventually equips the TAPMIans in taking better decisions as they can weigh the consequences more precisely than others.

The session was highly interactive and more of a casual talk. The session went onto topics like outbound programmes of the college, importance of networking to very subjective questions like how to be sure that Marketing is the best choice for a particular student. He talked about his experiences in the college,  his friends, the balance between academics and his work in the Event Management Committee of  BrandScan – the largest market research fair in India, the hardships he had to face and the outcomes, his learnings from the outbound programme and overall what TAPMI provided him.

The talk went onto discuss his life after TAPMI, mainly his time in Titan – Tanishq. He began with the arrival of Titan in the Indian market when HMT was the market leader and how Titan was successful in capturing the leader board position in just a few years of its inception. He explained how Tanishq came into picture when India wasn’t exposed to the idea of an organised retailing in jewellery. Tanishq’s main challenge was to compete with the local and regional players and “brand itself nationally”. It had to offer designs that were suitable to the preferences of the local customers as well as cater nationally available designs.


He concluded the session stressing on “observing” more; be it inside the college or in the market, we need to observe more, try to understand the market dynamics and try to strategize our position accordingly. He further stated that understanding the market needs is important, but above that would be to “create” a market need altogether and that’s what Tanishq did – succesfully.

The session was highly enjoyed by both the guest and the students since the inquisitive and curious minds of the students fuelled Mr. Jain’s nostalgia related to the college. In the end, the college appreciated Mr. Jain’s efforts in taking out time for the talk by a small token of appreciation.

Guest Lecture by TAPMI Alumnus Mr Atul Mohan, Manager Human Resources, Flipkart


This Saturday, 12th July 2014, TAPMI students had the opportunity of having a TAPMI alumnus (PGDM-HR 2004-2006) as its guest speaker, Mr Atul Mohan, Manager, Human Resources, Flipkart. Mr. Mohan has been with Flipkart close to three years and has been associated with organizations like Tesco and Infosys.

Mr Mohan gave an insightful lecture on what to expect in HR and also what not to expect in HR. Human Resources deals with the real world problems and with people who in an organization are very different from each other in their attitudes, personalities and various other factors. HR covers various aspects like performance management, talent acquisition, HR Business Partner, Shared services, programs, compensation and benefits etc. A role of an HR manger is that of a statistician, financial controller, financial partner, accountant, legal advisor, salesman, consultant, inspector and above all an agony aunt, all rolled into one.

Shedding light on each aspect in detail, Mr Atul explained that the talent acquisition segment of HR role takes care of categories like lateral and fresher composition in an organization, turn-around time (TAT), talent v/s fulfilment, salary fixation and parity, location and business wise fulfilment. The business partners segment of HR role consists of talent planning; resource management by optimal utilization of resources; attrition management by monitoring visible statistics and trends.

For compensation and benefits segment of HR role, market research forms a very crucial part. Market research needs to be done to decide the compensation to be offered to the employees viz-a-viz that offered by competitors. If a competitor offers higher salary chances are that the employee may consider switch. So external agencies are hired for collection of data required to derive the compensation package to attract the best talent and prevent switching. There is also the concept of percentile placement which determines the compensation benefit for an employee with respect to his position on percentile curve. Forming policies and gauging its impact is yet another important activity under the compensation and benefit segment of HR. A lot of number crunching is required for forming any kind of compensation policy.

Numerous factors affect the compensation packages. A recent trend that has been observed is that the campus salaries have gone up by upto 15%. The hike is done to keep up with competition as the competitors might pay higher salary to attract best, fresh talent. But this is in sharp contradiction to the higher senior positions whose annual hike is withheld. There are high chances that organization in order to attract fresh talent may be infringing on the compensation band of higher level. So its never an easy job as like a chain reaction all subsequent level compensation needs to changed and dealt with.

A constant challenge for HR is battling perceptions that HR roles are least stressful, complex and challenging. But thankfully the face of HR and the perceptions are changing. In the earlier times HR had lesser role to play in an organization but in the current times HR is responsible for maintaining the friendly culture in the organization as more than half of the workforce is young and dynamic. The employees can leave the organization is they feel disconnected. For these reasons HR today needs to be more agile and interactive and plays a very prominent role in the organization. Also the perceptions of ineffectiveness can arise due to the fact that HR guys withhold lot of confidential data.

The performance management segment of HR role consists of many aspects like the bell curve, force ranking, payouts against budget and ranging of ratings and payouts. All the calculations and jugglery with numbers need to be done with keeping in mind the budget pie. Promotion of employees and alignment to the organization pyramid needs to be done. Portfolios need to be assigned to promoters. To help in the promotion cycle, business plans are designed. Thus the role of HR is more of being HR Business Partners and not HR orderlies.


The payroll and shared services function of HR performs the task of sending salaries every month by maintaining the uniqueness of every salary. Legal compliances and related filings with respect to PF, and tax computations are taken care of.

Programs aspect of HR does the function of running campaigns like anti-sexual harassment or safety programs to name a few. Leadership development programs are conducted and the insurance coverage is taken care of. Matters like career planning and succession and handing ESOPs are handled.

Concluding, Mr Mohan reiterated that HR is perhaps one of the trickiest and potentially most impact creating enabling function. There is usually no binary approach and quite many times, HR needs to behave like an octopus having hands spread out in all possible directions. Answering a barrage of questions of students Mr Mohan emphasized the importance of theories subjects which the students study, can be put to practice and prove to be quite helpful later.

Alumni Updates

We are proud to inform that our alumni, Kartik Kumar of 2008-2010 batch, who along with Divij Saharia, Manmeet Sabharwal and Pramod Mallya started, was interviewed by the Times Group Bangalore edition. The interview was published in the April 25 edition of the Bangalore Mirror. Please find excerpts of the interview below.

Alumnus of the Month (March 2011)

Mr. Faizal K E (PGDM 1988-90)

The Alumni Affairs Committee (AAC) is pleased to announce Mr. Faizal K E (PGDM 1988-90) as the Alumnus of the Month (AoM) for March 2011.

Mr. Faizal is the Founder-Chairman of KEF Holdings, a $400 Million enterprise based in the UAE, which caters to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries with cutting edge engineering products. KEF Holdings is the holding company for ETC Foundries, ETC Corrosion Engineering and JCF Valves. KEF Holdings is also a very socially responsible company. It recycles most of its wastes and uses the least amount of virgin raw materials, which has helped it maintain a very low carbon footprint.

Mr. Faizal is a Civil Engineer from MIT, Manipal and PGDM-Finance from TAPMI. He has also completed his MS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Chicago, USA. After his education, he worked in Inductotherm, USA for 2 years. He later came back to India to head his family business. He went to UAE in 1996 and set up his first ETC foundry in 1997.

Mr. Faizal and his wife Mariam Shabana are blessed with four children, Sophiya, Sarah, Zachariah & Czarina. Mrs. Shabana Faizal is also a Director of KEF Holdings and she currently heads the Admin/HR Department.

Mr Faizal is an avid sportsperson and has represented all his universities in various games. He plays tennis and basketball. In spite of his busy schedule, he religiously practices Yoga and Meditation in his daily routine.

Mr. Faizal has established the Shabana Faizal Foundation which supports many humanitarian causes like support of special needs children by running ‘Shanti’, a school in Mahe, India and actively supports the Sharjah Humanitarian Services in their programs for special needs children. A fully equipped charitable hospital with modern technology with a capacity of 100 beds is also being funded by KEF Holdings.

As a testament to its achievements, the Government of Dubai awarded KEF Holdings with the prestigious MRM Business Excellence Award for Manufacturing, 2010.

The Alumni Affairs Committee wishes Mr. Faizal success in all his future ventures and hopes that he continues to win laurels and accolades!

– Alumni Affairs Committee (AAC)

A day spent with our Alumni…

The Alumni Affairs Committee was happy to welcome a group of 5 alumni on campus on Tuesday. The alumni from the batches of 2003, 2004 and 2005, all of whom are doing exceedingly well in their corporate careers, were on campus to participate in the AACSB accreditation process going on at TAPMI. TAPMI is on its way to become the first college in the country to be accredited by the AACSB, one of the most respected accreditation for business schools in the world.

In the evening, the alumni and the AAC members proceeded for dinner at Blue Waters, a famous restaurant in Manipal. All the alumni had a great time reliving their memories of parties and eating out in Manipal, five years after graduating from TAPMI.

At around midnight, the music committee of TAPMI met up for a fun session of music and singing with the alumni at the TAPMI greens. There were renditions of the TAPMI song – “Seekhi thi Zindagi” and various other tracks which are famous amongst TAPMI students. The current batch of students also had an informative discussion about corporate life and skills required for success.

All in all, it was an evening of fun and frolic which the students will remember for a long time to come.


-Alumni affairs committee (AAC)

Alumnus of the Month (February 2011)


Ambuja Hegde (PGDM 1988-90)

It gives us immense pleasure at Alumni Affairs Committee to announce Ms. Ambuja Hegde (PGDM 1988-90) as our Alumnus of the Month (AoM) for February 2011.

Having majored in HR and Marketing at TAPMI, Ms. Hegde currently works with Wrigley, the world’s number 1 Chewing Gum company as HR Director for Middle East & Africa. Some of Wrigley brands include Extra, Orbit, Juicy Fruit, 5, etc. Wrigley is also a part of MARS, the makers of Mars bars, Snickers, M&Ms, Malteasers, etc.

Ms. Ambuja Hegde got her first break in a marketing role at NIIT, Mumbai. She then switched to corporate recruitment at BPL in Bangalore after which she moved to Siemens as a HR Manager. In 1998 Ms. Hegde moved with her husband and daughter to Dubai to join IKEA. She’s been in Dubai since then. After four years at IKEA, Ms. Hegde joined Black & Decker as HR Manager for the Middle East & Africa region.

Ms. Hegde’s job takes her all around the world through which she’s been able to fulfill and live her passion of meeting and developing relationships with a diverse spread of people.

On the personal front, her husband Pravin, daughters Nikita and Rhea also love to travel and spend time with friends. Ms. Hegde says that she’s blessed to have been able to continue friendships with some good ole classmates from TAPMI in Dubai. Music is her passion. She also loves reading, cooking and of course eatingJ. Her nicknames at TAPMI were Amby, JAZZ and Ambax.

We at TAPMI hope that Ms. Ambuja Hegde would continue to live her life with the same passion and bring more laurels in her career and personal life.

– Alumni Affairs Committee (AAC)