Finomenal 2016, the third edition by the Finance forum of T. A. Pai Management Institute hosted its inaugural ceremony on the 15th of October. The theme for this year is – Risks. Reforms. Regulations.

Anurag Krishna, the MOC for the event welcomed the guest which was followed by the invocation vandana to invoke blessings of the almighty. Prof Animesh Bahadur, Dean- Administration, welcomed the students and the guests sitting in the panel leading the guests to initiate the lamp lighting ceremony. He addressed the students and informed them about how the faculty and Bloomberg labs are making finance a sought subject of specialization.

Mr. Harsha Upadhyaya, Chief Investment Officer of Equity and Fund Manager at Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Limited graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. He introduced the topic by saying “Risks cannot be defined completely and that is what makes regulations difficult.” He explained that everything around is constantly evolving and changing and so are risks. One has to take adequate measures to protect oneself from all risks. With globalization, the risk is no more bounded by geographical boundaries. According to him, mutual funds in India have to follow regulations in the USA due to linkages in this era of globalization.

Mr. J. K. Vishwanath, Chief Credit Officer – Development Credit Bank Limited, was the keynote speaker at the event. In his opinion “tone at the top determines where one stands for in the organization.” This is important because it determines how the organization will run. He advised the students that one should learn from rules and exceptions. This is the only way to deal with risk while keeping up with reforms and regulations.

Mr. Joel Pannikot, Head of Asia-Pacific Strategy (Education), Bloomberg was also present at the inaugural ceremony. He foresees “returning of humanity to humans.” According to him, technology is growing so rapidly due to the need to reduce risks and errors. He feels that artificial intelligence will govern most future decision-making processes and we will be doing work that require the “human touch.”

The opening ceremony came to an end with Prof Madhuveer Raghavan, Area Chair – Finance thanking the guests for imparting valuable knowledge to the students. He encouraged the students to make the next two days eventful. With this, Finomenal 2016 started off in full swing, promising two very intellectually stimulating days.

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