Pratibimb December 2010

We are glad to launch the first edition of Pratibimb – TAPMI’s e-Magazine. It is the conglomeration of the various specializations in MBA (Marketing, Finance, HR, Systems and Operations). It is primarily intended to provide insights into the plethora of knowledge that relate to the various departments of Management and to give an opportunity to the students of TAPMI to exhibit their creative cells.

TAPMI is well known for its academic rigor and the learning curve that it provides to its students. A platform to show the myriad of talents that exists amongst students was missing. We hope Pratibimb would provide a standing ground for students to not just compete amongst their peers but also to show their skills, talent and knowledge to the world out-side which includes the vast Alumni base of TAPMI and organizations in the corporate world.

Pratibimb - TAPMI's e-Magazine
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In this issue we started sourcing articles from corporate leaders and we are happy to have articles from Ed Cohen who tells us how to manage in tough times from his experience of being a Chief Learning Officer at Satyam Computers when it faced the toughest time in its history.

Another article from the Assistant Vice-President of Mahindra Satyam throws open a debatable insight into the need for an Email day‘(similar to Earth Hour) which would help us get rid of mails in our inbox that don‘t really matter and that just ends up clogging byte space.

There are many more articles which we are sure will grab your attention and are aimed to in-crease your learning. A game for finance geeks has also been included in this issue. Games on other streams would be featured in upcoming issues.

Inviting Articles

We invite all the best brain from various b-schools to come and showcase their knowledge and acumen. The articles can be on any field of business from Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR to Systems. You can send us articles on:

  • Recent developments or trends in any of these fields.
  • Articles covering latest trends, innovative practices, strategies etc. in the global perspective.
  • Apart from above, creative works in relation to any of the fields will be equally appreciated.

The best entry will receive a letter of appreciation and a cash prize of Rs 1000/-

The format of the file should be MS Word doc/docx.

The last date of receiving all entries is 10th January, 2011. Please send your entries marked as <ARTICLE NAME>_<SENDERS’ NAMES>_<INSTITUTE> to:

– Team Pratibimb


3 thoughts on “Pratibimb December 2010

  1. Well done Team Pratibimb! The first issue looks promising. This step meets a long existing gap at TAPMI – there was always a whole lot of deep stuff within, but no sustained effort / appropriate platform for presenting the same – our take – to the external world. I think the launch of Pratibimb is just fine, great.
    Let’s each one of us put in one’s own mite to enrich it and support the endeavor.

  2. Dear sir,

    In any org. the conflict in area management Behaviour( relations between employee/employeer/our friends and other human beings we interact in day to day life. Due to advent if internet the world has becime a global village.India having more than 100 billion population unable to cope up the problems is being faced by least two articles on management behaviour to be included taking current problems being faced our world.
    with regards., grrm reddy

  3. I congratulate the student team for bring out the much desired e-magazine. Please let us clearly know whether it would be a bi-monthly? Who are the Editorial team? With this other issues from HR, Marketing/General Management, Operations,IT, etc would be consolidated? Whether any print copies are also taken; if so, please submit a few copies in Library, my Office (Dean-P&D), Director’s Office, etc. With this, we should discontinue all the others and a single-solid-standard-regular magazine be released containing articles written by students, staff/faculty, alumni as also from outside academics, industry professionals, and others. Thanks

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