Cultural gala at TAPMI

The red carpet was rolled out for batch 2010-2012 at T A Pai Management Institute

The TAPMI Student Center was packed….

Everybody’s pulse was racing…..

To witness the array of talents to be displayed by the new batch that had entered the portals of TAPMI just the previous day!!

The cultural gala began by invoking the blessings of the Almighty with a song, and was followed by a dazzling dance performance that thrilled the crowd of students. This was followed by an engrossing play.  The soulful songs brought out the entire gamut of emotions from joy to love and yearning.

The crowd waits in eager anticipation

One of the best performances of the evening was the hilarious skit that was put up by the 28th batch that led to a roar of laughter from all those who were present in the Student Center. The seniors encouraged the performers with their applause. It was a synergizing endeavor indeed.

Glimpses of the evening

The men in black set the stage on fire with their dance performance

“Give me some sunshine…” - The student anthem of this generation

The skit that tickled everyone’s funny bone

The girls were not to be outdone!

Prof. Sabuj Kumar Mandal referred to the new batch as “A fountain of talents” while they showcased an assortment of talent. The new students were no dull bookworms who had come only for their academic pursuits but had in them a bevy of other talents as well. “The cultural evening left all of us asking for more” said Anubhav, a student from the senior class.  TAPMI has moved ahead in every aspect of education, the pace accelerating with every passing year is a definitely an example of this and is witnessed by every TAPMIan on his/her first day at the institute.


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