Atharva – Potent and Purposeful

An insatiable hunger for challenge is the only pre-requisite for you to come to Atharva – TAPMI’s annual B-School fest. Like every year, the three day event is action packed with a host of competitions like the ever popular Quiz on the Beach (QOTB), the marketing game Chakravyuh, the traditional stock trading contest – Outcry and many more.

We at Atharva understand that preparation and participation involves a sizeable effort and costs time. And to make your efforts worth it, Atharva is designed, unlike many B-School fests across the country, to offer a mix of business-related as well as cultural events. When you have the talent, then we will provide you the platform to prove it. Vibes, the inter college dance competition for the twinkle toes and tapping boots, has always been one of the most sought after events that sees participation  from several institutions across the country.

Polemic, the corporate debate, is to be moderated by T.V. Mohandas Pai, former CEO of Infosys. This year, it boasts of an impressive list of speakers like politician Dinesh Gundu Rao, Madhu Goud Yaskhi and Dushyant Singh, a member of the 15th Lok Sabha of India. The topic for this year is ‘India in the 21st Century: Vision, Hopes and Aspirations’.We have seen them battle it out in politics. It’s time to watch it live at Polemic!

Across various industries, HR managers look for those who can put the theory into practice, apply the textbook in the real world. Are you able to co-relate trends in the industry? Or, is there a creative genius in you looking to empower a brand or shape a company’s strategy? Events managed at Atharva are of a certain kind –which seeks to quiz the B-school grad, to intrigue, to test the skill set and decision making abilities while dealing with ambiguity and surprise. Atharva, as a concept has evolved immensely over the years and at TAPMI it has been a collaborative effort involving external functional committees viz. Marketing & General Management (MGM), HR Fora, Social Endeavour Group (SEG), the Finance and Operations Forums  and the like to aid the event design. Be it a stock market simulation or ensuring that a B-plan recommendation is implemented in practice; the functional committees have been the proverbial ‘cog in the wheel’.

In the previous years, events such as QOTB have received special mention in a number of newspapers and online blogs. Similarly, the media partners for  Atharva 2011-12 will be The Hindu’s Business Line and Manipal based online journal ‘Chill Maadi’. The Atharva Pre-Fest edition on Chill Maadi is available HERE.

With just a day to go, keep watching this space for the plethora of updates we have to offer. 🙂


Splash of Atharva

Fervour in the air,

You know it, Feel it here,

A whim, a fancy, to point it out,

Wondering if it was just another emotional bout…

Well, here in TAPMI campus it’s definitely not a “bout”. The buzz is there, the cause for it no doubt is Atharva! If you are an ardent Harry Potter fan, try recollecting how the Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry suddenly transforms itself and puts on a completely new garb. That’s exactly what has happened to TAPMI. Last evening, you remember seeing the same dull brick and mortar walls, and next morning you are wondering who painted Atharva all over the place!

Walking around the campus you can see bright posters, and tall banners adorning most of the walls. The place looks like it has suddenly broken out into a riot of colours. The mess, the academic block, TAPMI greens… all of it have miraculously altered, and are now united by one spirit, one sensation that runs widespread, Atharva is here!

It’s not just the campus, but the streets of Manipal and Udupi as well which have been adorned with Atharva decorations and promotions! The majestic banners bring a huge deal of pride to every single TAPMIan, for he belongs to the family which is organizing one of the biggest ever events to hit Manipal!  

The zest has mesmerized the students too! You could find a few pacing around loaded with sheets, chart papers etc. while others gather in groups, and have fervent discussions about what events to participate in. The campus of a management school never seemed so pulsating and animate with vigour! Just being here, in and around the campus, makes you want to plummet in and contribute to the gung ho.

Many students are still unaware of their true potential and Atharva becomes a giant step towards sensitising them and motivating students to develop interest towards application of management skills beyond the pages of their books. The events aim to unleash the managerial potential within.

More than the fest or the events or the competitions, it’s the mounting, building up liveliness, the vibrancy around the campus, that has made the wait for the climax a gala event in itself. The anticipation for Atharva mysteriously manages to glorify the journey!