Disha 2011

‘DISHA’ – which means ‘direction’ in Sanskrit, stands apt for the one of the major events – the HR conclave at TAPMI where industry experience meets academic rigour. DISHA which began in 2009 has been able to capture the interests of students and the industry too this year. DISHA, a two-day event, is being held on September 10th and 11th. The theme of DISHA 2011 is “Organisation of the future”. It is a leap from last year, with the event coming up with insights which proved useful for management students and for the corporate world alike to handle complex situations facing the ever dynamic field of Human Resource Management.

The event was graced by the presence of eminent HR heads of major companies – Mr. K.J.A. Swaroop (General Manager, ITC paperboards and Speciality Papers Division), Mr. Narsimha Prasad from Singapore (Program Manager and Head of People Technology and Operations in JAPAC, Google), Mr. Jacob Jacob (Chief People Officer, Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd.), Mr. K. Subramanian (Vice President, Ma Foi Randstad), Mr. Girinarayanan G. (Director, HR, GE Energy), Mr. Anand Rego from Australia (Global Head of Recruitment Marketing, ANZ) and Mr. Benny Augustine (HR Head, Unisys). On day 2, Mr. Mayur Chaturvedi (General Manager Compensation & Benefits , Pepsico India ), Mr. Glenn Brass (founder and principal advisor ,People’s Pulse), and Mr. Venkata Narayanan (Executive VP, HR, Rane Holdings) and Mr. Shivakumar from Ramco would be addressing the students.

The conclave started with the ceremonious lighting of the lamp. Prof. Vasudev Rao, Director of TAPMI welcomed the guests, introducing them to TAPMI and its different achievements. He also emphasized on how the industry exposure would help the aspiring minds meet the inspiring minds.

Prof P.S. James, Senior HR faculty at TAPMI spoke on the theme of the HR-Conclave 2011. He insisted that there is a need for strategic interface and we do not have the manpower of the required nature in the industry. It is because of this that business schools in India find it difficult to create new talents, and hence, emphasized on the fact that B-schools are focussing on interacting with the industry as many times as possible. In this context, he called DISHA a direction setting exercise.

Day 2 began with a lot of events simultaneously held at different venues. The major events of the day were – “Expositus” the inter b-school case analysis contest, “Sophos”, the guest lectures by the eminent leaders of the companies and “Vrondi”, the mock press event.


In Expositus, the participants were required to take up a case of any organization which has taken major initiatives to design or redesign itself within the previous 5 years and to analyze the impact of the same. The final presentation by the teams was judged by a panel of distinguished guests from the industry including Mr. K. Subramaniam from Ma Foi Randstad, Mr. Girinarayan G. from Lineage Power India and Mr. Benny Augustine from Unisys.

Students from IIT Delhi, Thiagarajar School of Management, Madurai, Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, SIIB and SIBM Bangalore took part in the contest. The teams presented an external and internal analysis of the selected company, what initiatives the companies had taken in order to address their inadequacies. They were also given the chance of putting across their recommendations for the same.


‘Sophos’ was aimed at giving students as well as the faculty an opportunity to know the perspective of the industry in the current scenario. In this context, the dignitaries spoke on various topics held concurrently at different classrooms.


This was an inter B-school Mock Press event, which involved the industry guests, the faculty members as well as the students. Students from prestigious colleges like IIT Delhi, SIIB, SIBM – Bangalore, Thiagarajar School of Management and Welingkar School of Management took part in the competition. Each team was given a different case and was to act accordingly.


The Valedictory function was held on the evening of 11th September. The HR Forum at TAPMI thanked all the dignitaries who had flown down to TAPMI and interacted with the students.