Manthan 2018: Day 2: “India as an emerging superpower”- Mr. Satyendra Nayak, Consultant, Spectrafin


The second day of Manthan 2018 started off with a guest lecture from Mr. Satyendra Nayak, Consultant at Spectrafin. In his interactive session with the students, sir talked about India as the emerging superpower.

Mr. Nayak started by talking about the ancient history of India, how it has never been just a nation, but a continent. India is second largest in terms of the population today, and according to him, it is one of the greatest resources that we have.  It’s not just population, but also the demographic profile of India, which is growth conducive. 45% of India’s population is between the ages of 15-35; which is the productive segment of the population. This results in faster growth rate in the country’s GDP. In the last two decades, China was the highest growing nation in terms of GDP, he said. Overall GDP is affected by output produced and wealth of the nation. Also affecting the GDP of a country is the circular flow of income; the factor payments and factor income like wages and salaries, interest, rent, and profits. Thus, increased spending by the population generates more investment which leads to greater production and wealth creation. Assets such as houses, educational institutes, corporates, which last for a lot of years are wealth creations.

Apart from economic progress, Mr. Nayak talked about the agricultural, military, nuclear, infrastructure and qualitative or the spiritual strength of our country. He also mentioned that the vast natural resources of the country are a huge advantage to it. He called India the agricultural basket of the world but said that it will be underutilized as long as proper technological innovation is not initiated in rural segment of the population. In military strength, he said, we are the 4th largest, but we are also the largest importer of defense equipment. He declared that India is slowly moving towards developing the infrastructure to manufacture the equipment on its own. Indian railway connectivity is one of the largest in the world and thus, also adds to the strengths of the nation. Finally, he insisted that no territorial expansion is possible for a nation- economic progress is what makes a nation a superpower. And when a nation becomes a superpower and owns material prosperity and wealth, they pursue spirituality and religion. In this aspect too, India is superior as it has a storehouse of spiritual and religious knowledge, so much so, that many other major countries are now following our traditions and customs. Thus, he reiterated, India is emerging as, and is set to become a superpower soon.


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