M-Power 2018: M- Pulse: Mr. Raja Chakraborty, Head of Marketing-FMCG, Raymond


On 12th December 2018, Mr. Raja Chakraborty interacted with the students of TAPMI and shared his experiences of working in different companies throughout his career spanning 19 years. He started with Raymond and talked about a few brands which Raymond owns. He also talked about his first few days working in sales and how he learned a lot of things there. “Behind every success and behind every failure, there is a learning”, he stated.

Talking about the importance of taking risks, he said “There is no place for risk averse brands in marketing”. He then told the students about a few products which weren’t selling well and how he, along with his team, worked on the problems and revived the products. The first example he gave was of Meswak toothpaste which initially didn’t capture the market but when it was re-launched as a mystique ayurvedic paste, its sales took off. Another example was of the mosquito-repellent crème, Odomos, which didn’t work well initially. Later they found out that it was because the consumers found the crème sticky and smelly. With a few changes in the product from the R&D department, the product started selling very well. He gave some more examples of products like Babool toothpaste and Nerolac paints, which were not doing well in the markets, were revived after proper research, innovation and strategies.

The session ended with him answering the questions from the students. It was a very interactive session and the students gained a lot of valuable insights from Mr. Raja Chakraborty’s career.


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