‘High Potential Manager’: Mr. Sudhansu Misra, Sr. General Manager-HR, TATA Motors



On 7th December, 2017, Mr. Sudhansu Misra started the interactive session by asking the students to ask him any questions that they had for him. The students then asked questions ranging from the future outlook of TATA motors and electric vehicles to how can they become the CEOs in future. In return, he asked them what were they doing now, as students, that will make them the CEOs in the future. He then shared a few insights that he has learned during his career that will help the students become successful.

During the session, Mr. Misra talked about the important traits that separate an ordinary man and a successful manager and explained each of these traits with a lot of examples from his life. The first trait he talked about was the ability to keep experimenting and try out new things. He talked about Mr. JRD Tata who had the ability to experiment with things and how it made him the man we know him as. The second most important trait according to him was to keep learning. This was a trait he identified after observing many successful people holding important positions in TATA group of companies and outside. Then he talked about the processes and systems which we follow knowingly or unknowingly and how they impact us. The last trait that he thought would help the students become successful was identifying the areas of improvement in their behaviour and correcting them. This may require a lot of time, but the key is to keep working on it.

He then answered the question from the students about how they can become the future CEOs. He said that he had observed many CEOs and there were a few common qualities between all of them. This included humility, knowledge and forward thinking. The session ended with him sharing an incident in which he helped the victims of Latur earthquake and how it completely changed his thinking.


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