CXO Leadership Series: “Complete innovation and application of advanced analytics are necessary for the broking industry.” – Mr. Gagan Singla, CMO, ​and Mr. ​Manav Verma, VP Marketing, Angel Broking

BeFunky Collage

The leadership series commenced with an introduction to the operations of Angel Broking and its transformation to a digital e-commerce company. Mr. Gagan Singla addressed the myriad queries posed by the students and framed a suitable structure for the lecture. He highlighted that the fundamental factor of any business is its revenue and that its growth will support its marketing function. According to him, the e-commerce segment merges the functions of revenue and marketing. Recent changes include social media analytics and algorithms which are able to provide stock recommendations using relevant indicators and predictive analytics model based on the same.

Mr. Manav Verma spoke of the link between sales and marketing using the example of the telecommunications industry. Both functions are aiming to bring about revenue growth for the organization by achieving the right knowledge. He emphasized that every industry behaves differently according to the behavior of its environment and that the evolution of customers is constant.

Mr. Gagan Singla stated that persuasion and convincing power are key tenets of sales which have been emulated in the e-commerce space. It is important to note that there has been a drastic reduction of the sales force in the BFSI segment. Organizations use advertising and online campaign in the B2B segment, however, in the case of B2B it is mainly client interactions and fostering of relationships.

The lecture focused on the growth of Angel Broking, the professional experiences of the speakers, the evolution of the e-commerce industry, the changes in various functions within an organization and the importance of innovation in a workplace. The students were able to understand the real-time application of theoretical concepts.