CXO Leadership Series, 2017- “Mr. Ashu Malhotra, CHRO and Director on Board, India Sub-Continent and Malaysia, Cargill India”


The CXO Leadership series, 2017 kicked-off with an enriching address by Mr. Ashu Malhotra, CHRO and Director on Board, India Sub-Continent and Malaysia, Cargill India. The purpose of the series is to give students an opportunity to listen and learn from the challenging stories of business leaders.

The series was introduced to the audience by Prof. Madhu Veeraghavan, The Director, TAPMI. He stimulated the students to ponder over the question whether leaders are born or made. He further continued that the principal motto of TAPMI is to create tomorrow’s leaders and not just managers.

Mr. Ashu Malhotra started the lecture by telling the audience to develop the inquisitiveness of a child. He said that as one grows older he/she develops his/her own subjective perception about things. But the biggest armor for a person to accelerate his/her growth is the ability to question and seek answers. He further explained how experiential leadership is one of the most important tools for a person to emerge as a leader.

Mr. Ashu Malhotra further addressed the audience about the importance of looking for opportunities which will create and add value to the organization and society. He said that the current era belongs to students because every one of them is provided with the plethora of knowledge by highly enlightened faculties. The beauty lies in the application of this knowledge. He further added that economic leadership transcends all boundaries and unites the world.

Mr. Ashu Malhotra told the audience to focus on holistic development. The most important aspect of development is to seek feedback. One should always be aware of his/her choices and their consequences and should take ownership of his/her actions and life. He continued on to say that one should embrace differences by developing an inclusive approach instead of being judgmental and evaluative. Mr. Ashu Malhotra concluded by asking the audience to adopt these qualities to be successful in the corporate world.


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