Disha 2017: Sophos: “The New Face of HR- HR Analytics and Technology” -Ms. Hamsaz Vasunia, VP- HR, DCB Bank



On 31st August 2017, Ms. Hamsaz Vasunia addressed the students of TAPMI about HR analytics and how technology is impacting the world of HR. According to her, HR professionals in a lot of organizations were being used as admin staff and given routine tasks but with the help of new technology and analytics, they can save a lot of time and actually work on more pressing issues concerning the employees. She talked about how Analytics has affected every single part of HR including Talent Acquisition, Training & Development and HR Operations.

With a video which showed how technology will change the way we work, she explained the need of understanding Analytics for any HR professional. She gave examples from her own experiences about the positive change that technology has brought in Hiring, Manpower planning, Branding and Sourcing.

Ms. Hamsaz also talked about how training and development has moved from Classroom learning to E learning to Mobile learning now as the traditional sources of training may no longer work with today’s generation. And now, we can even measure our training effectiveness with accuracy as gamification, psychometric tests and other tools have come into picture. Even for employee engagement, the traditional methods have been replaced. CHATBOTS and surveys for employee engagement, survey analysis to reduce the attrition rate and text mining for profiling of a person are the few new technologies which are changing the way HR works. Payroll Wallets, GPS linked attendance and cafeteria style compensation have improved HR operarions in a big way.

Towards the end of the lecture, she showed a video of the culture of DCB bank which really impressed the students. It was a very interactive session with students asking a lot of questions and Ms. Hamsaz happily clearing all their queries.


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