Disha 2017: Day 3: Sophos: “Human Resources Road Map for a GATI of tomorrow -Integrating HR Strategy with Business Strategy” – Mr. Narayanam Sesha Srikanth, Zonal HR Head, Gati KWE


On 31st August 2017, Mr. Sesha Srikanth addressed the students of Tapmi on how GATI is integrating HR strategy with Business Strategy. In this open and interactive session, he elaborated about the various measures adopted by GATI in order to empower the employees as well as the company.

Mr. Srikanth started off the session by giving a brief history of GATI, which is the first company in India to introduce door-to-door delivery and cash-on-delivery concepts. GATI follows project based structure, with multiple divisions including international freight forwarding, e-commerce and fuel stations as well as numerous subsidiaries around Asia.

Talking about what a business expects from HR people, Mr. Srikanth said that two important aspects are how to reduce the cost and how to increase the profitability of the business. In his opinion, it is extremely important for HR to align with the needs of the industry.

As the session progressed, Mr. Srikanth explained how GATI redesigned the organization and the entire HR team as well as their employee performance reward program. The organizational redesign included creating specialist roles to avoid opportunity overlap, implementing shop floor automation and optimizing available manpower by reducing unwanted roles, to name a few. Mr. Srikanth said that GATI implemented Biometrics and G-Cube as a measure to take the company one step closer to technological advancement. He then elaborated that GATI doesn’t believe in evaluating employees based on the group’s performance since the method lacks predictability. Rather, GATI now follows individual performance review as they believe, in Mr. Srikanth’s words, “People should know how much they can earn”.

In his concluding remarks, Mr. Srikanth said that GATI is an open and hierarchy-less organization which believes in free communication between all its employees. Even though he stated that changing the culture of a traditional organization like GATI takes a longer time, they are on the path towards the change.


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