Understanding the Sports Business Ecosystem in Digital Age- Mr. Subhayu Roy, Director-Content Sales Perform Group


On 18th August, Mr. Subhayu Roy, Director-Content Sales Perform Group, began an engaging session by introducing himself and explaining his experience in the sports business ecosystem. He started off by stating that product is a solution to customer need. He illustrated this by taking the students through his time in Airtel Kenya wherein they tapped on the customer’s need to belong leading to an increase in revenue from 0 to $700,000 per month. He elaborated the difference between Indians and those in developed countries by phrasing that “Indians don’t pay or play”. He further explained about how TRP works and influences media business wherein a central system monitors the data of a sample of 10,000 households.

Mr. Roy then threw light on the difference between sports business ecosystem in India and US wherein sports is rarely exported. He elaborated on the Indian sports ecosystem by stating two dimensions-performance and money flow. The performance dimension includes the various levels in sports from street to grass root level and up to international federation. The other dimension includes major contributors of TV revenue such as brands, marketing agencies, the domestic league, media and the consumers.

He stated the digital aspect in sports wherein earlier the rights were sold directly but now it is through multiple modes. He elaborated over three components as far as the digital aspect is concerned- Linear Television Broadcast, OTT Streaming and digital content sites. He went on to say that network effect works only on individual posts and not on brands. He concluded that statistics to drive engagement is possible more in India as compared to anywhere in the world and so as a country we should focus on it.