Leadership talk on “Career in business professional services” on 11/08/2017

Deloitte GL

Mr. Naru Navele, Partner at Deloitte, began the talk by sharing his father’s advice of how essential it is to have a spring in your step before you go to your work. He said that you need to have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

He spoke about Deloitte being the largest and most diversified professional services firm. He said that entire business models are being disrupted. We must disrupt or be disrupted. Harnessing the power of smart people will lead to a sustainable competitive advantage. He advised students to not let their backgrounds constrain them and to have a sustainable long term career you must evolve over time and become smart business individuals. He said that if you bring the right attitude, have passion and are happy working, money will come. He concluded by saying that we must guide, nurture and inspire people to achieve their goals, who will then, in turn, cultivate teams, add value and protect the firm’s legacy.

Mr. Cherian Thomas, Managing Director, and Senior Innovation Manager said that a professional services firm (PSF) leverage’s knowledge and skills to deliver till the last mile. Clients buy expertise, experience, and efficiency, which is why they come to Deloitte. He added that we retain people by providing the best experience, exposure, and education. Best people attract the best clients and the best clients attract the best people. He concluded by saying that you must have the ability to communicate with clients and constantly upgrade yourself.

Mr. Samuel Thomas, Executive Manager and Lead – Campus Recruitment for Deloitte Advisory, TAPMI alumnus batch of 2006 said that you need to be the best in the business in solving clients’ problems. You must think ahead of your client and anticipate their problems. He concluded by saying that at Deloitte 70% of your learning is through experience which gives you ample opportunities to gain knowledge and expertise.

Mr. Rahul Sathpathy, TAPMI alumnus batch of 2017 shared his experience on being part of Deloitte and elaborated on the plethora of opportunities available to grow as a professional. Ms. Shyamala Priya, Mr. George Varkey and Ms. Twinkle Garg who interned at Deloitte also shared their learnings and insights.

Special mention to Mr. Kashyap Deshikan, Mr. Gaurav Anand, Mr. Vishnu Kumar and Mr. Srinivas Kini for entertaining the audience with musical performances at different intervals of the leadership talk.


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