Dharitri Valedictory

1. Stree Shakti Yojana: This project was aimed at enabling self-sufficiency among women. The approach in terms of benchmarking, primary analysis & Human-centric design was discussed. Interesting suggestions were recommended.
2. Technical vocational & Employment training (TVET): This project was undertaken with an objective to determine & bridge the gap between the demand & supply of skills in employability and centralizing the process of locating skilled labour. The analysis & observations in settlement data, methodologies implemented/suggested to achieve the objective & tasks completed were discussed.

3. Women & Child Nutrition and BMI Programme Review (By SEG): This project was undertaken to understand the effect of nutrition for children & pregnant women in Anganwadis. The Key findings in terms of stakeholder interviews, feasibility studies & programme specific gaps were determined. Finally, recommendations in terms of an IT supported monitoring solution was suggested among other things.
The BMI Project was undertaken to understand the perception of all stakeholders of the BMI Programme & identify the value add by the program. The findings were conducted in 3 Talukas, namely, Udupi, Karkala & Kundapura. Insights were obtained from pregnant women, ASHA workers & Medical Officers. Main recommendations suggested were community service, supporting facilities to ASHA workers, etc among other things.

4. Coconut Value Chain: The objective was to identify the value chain in local regions and suggest changes to increase the profitability of farmers. The methodologies in terms of primary and secondary research were discussed, detailed analysis of value chain was conducted, issues faced by farmers, marketing & product side related were explained and was concluded by suggestion of recommendations.
5. Solid Waste Management (By SEG): The objective was to implement a sustainable model for waste segregation at source and minimize the impact on the environment. The work done was systematically segregated into the initial, intermediary, present stage and future steps to be taken.
6. Plastic Waste Management (By SEG): The objective was to find different ways in which plastic waste can be disposed off. For this, the groundwork was discussed in terms of Secondary research & awareness campaigns. Recommendations in terms of setting up of a plant under Rudra Environment Solutions was suggested.
7. National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM): The objective was to come up with project ideas that can be implemented under this scheme and recommend ways to implement them. The NRLM scheme was discussed in detail, projects undertaken were presented.
8. Rajiv Gandhi Chaitanya Yojana: The objective was to find the factors hampering the acceptance of this Yojana among rural youth and the ways and means of finding solutions to this. The present stage and the findings from the primary research were suggested. It was concluded with recommendations & the way ahead were discussed.
9. Tech Readiness in Udupi: The objective was to define tech readiness in terms of Udupi district, identify suitable parameters & develop an action plan. The Key output was a proposal for Udupi- Technological & Infrastructure Interventions was presented.
10. Gram Panchayat Management: The primary objective was to improve the perception of the public regarding the Gram Panchayat. Primary research was conducted & the output was presented. The process and phase 1 results were presented in elaborate detail along with the recommendations.
11. Medical Tourism & Healthcare Value Chain: The objective was to map the healthcare value chain in Udupi & to suggest ways to improve the services. Primary, secondary & GAP analysis was conducted. In terms of Medical Tourism, the objective was to study the industry in detail. Post this, the research was conducted and Thailand’s medical tourism model was taken as a benchmark to study and to be used as one to improve medical tourism.


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