“Creating an ecosystem for everyone to participate”, Mr Mohan Narayana swamy, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, iNautix


In an interactive session with students Mr Mohan Narayanaswamy, MD and Chief Operating Officer, iNautix spoke about building an ecosystem which creates a platform for everyone to participate. This is an era of disruptions, and it is surprising to see how rapidly the underlining fabric around us is changing. Today organizations like YouTube, Google develop the best product and make it open source, enabling others to benefit from their platform. As future leaders, it is essential for us to be adaptive towards this change and have a broader perspective. Technology is a major driver of this change but it is just an enabler.

He spoke about how our generation is facing the highest level of volatility that has existed till now. The volatility of the time calls for agility in our models as well as our people. Our business models should be agile enough to accept this change. Companies should strive towards creating an ecosystem which provides a platform where everyone has an opportunity to participate. The key to creating agile models is to remove the friction. According to him, our systems should be designed to be fault tolerant.

Moving further, he spoke about how iNautix is trying to create a startup ecosystem within their organization. Startups usually face difficulty with funding and finding clients. What will differentiate them from small startups would be their broad client base. They are working towards creating a client-centric design in order to shift from a hierarchical model to a network one.


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