Atharva 2017: Day 2: Summary

Day 2 of Atharva 2017 continued to challenge the participants and pushed them beyond their boundaries. The B-plan competition, Sankalp, gave an unparalleled opportunity to receive guidance and assess business ideas before launching a new venture. These business ideas were evaluated by industry experts from NASSCOM.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Infinity witnessed debate the sector, where each team was tested on their knowledge of various sectors and their ability to analyze recent events. The teams presented the drawbacks of the sector and the challenges an investor in that sector would face. The highly engaging debate session was information laden with each team presenting their extensive research on various sectors.

Shrishti, the HR Leadership competition was a case study challenge. It provided an opportunity for the students to analyze a hypothetical case that reflects the potential HR challenges they will face in the industry and put theories and ideas into real-life practice.

Make You Mark challenged the participants with Brand extension strategies. The participants had to do an extensive marketing research of an existing company and identify the potent markets within the same company. Their aim was to improve the existing companies marketing strategies and they were evaluated on the feasibility of their research.

As part of Atharva, there was an information session on “Overview of Security Markets” by Mr. Bharat Dave, Manager, BSE. He explained how company, industry, and economy related news affect the stock market. He explained position monitoring, circuit filters and surveillance system present in BSE to protect market participants. He concluded by saying you can become a millionaire and billionaire if you follow the rules and be a disciplined investor.

The day continued with “Run For A Cause”. Students from various colleges around Manipal and from T A Pai Management Institute participated in this generous cause. The money collected from this event would be distributed to a school in Manipal to help the unprivileged children.

The day concluded with a sizzling and outstanding performance by TAPMI’s in-house band, YTBN (Yet To Be Named). They performed to various melodies across genres. It kept the students engaged and recreated the lively environment in the college.




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