Day 2: Atharva 2017: Lecture on ‘Overview of Security Markets’ by Mr. Bharat Dave, Manager, BSE


In an informative session, Mr. Bharat Dave began by talking about the history of the 140-year-old Bombay Stock Exchange. He said it is India’s fastest exchange with 6 microsecond response time and highlighted the technology, products, and advantages of BSE.

The exchange can be utilized to earn returns from idle resources, beat inflation, reach financial goals and make provisions for an uncertain future. He explained how company, industry, and economy related news affect the stock market. He went on to teach the students of TAPMI some principles of safe investments which are as follows:

–    Diversify your investment into different sectors to generate wealth as per your goals

–    Don’t be greedy, have faith and patience

–    Avoid penny stocks

He explained position monitoring, circuit filters and surveillance system present in BSE to protect market participants. He further detailed the complaint redressal system against listed companies and trading members. The quasi-judicial mechanism in place ensures arbitrators appointed must resolve the issues in 6 months.

A recent initiative by BSE is the SME platform where currently 161 SME companies listed, benefits companies to access funds and generate visibility. Some of the investment strategies shared by him were regarding Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and Systematic Transfer Plan (STP).

He concluded by saying you can become a millionaire and billionaire if you follow the rules and be a disciplined investor.



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