H.E.A.T. 2016: Day 2: Cognito: “In pursuit of excellence”, Mr.Rambir Dalal, Director, Social Security and Pensions


Mr. Rambir Dala started the discussion by quoting Peter Drucker “Your career success and salary over a lifetime will be more directly related to your writing and speaking skills than to any technical skills.” In the course of discussion he emphasized on the importance of public speaking. It is said that public speaking is the second most fearsome thing after death, which is one of the reasons why communication skills act as the differentiator.

Taking the discussion ahead, he said that discipline and focus determine your credibility and perseverance towards success. Mastering the art of goal setting and inculcating discipline to follow the goals is an important practical advice to be incorporated in day-to-day scenarios. Moreover, daily planning leverages time through increased focus.

Further, he explained the importance of self awareness. Knowing one’s strengths and comparative advantages leads to more productivity. He gave the example of Virat Kohli to emphasise the importance of channelizing your energy towards refinement of your strengths.

He went on to explain the importance of quality work. Routine feedbacks and advice forms an important component towards success. Further, he mentioned how boldness and taking risks can lead you to unchartered territories. Moreover, taking initiative and passion to achieve something differentiating yourself with others

According to him, reliability and stretching yourself can be a value enhancement. He said, “To reach any significant goal, you must leave your comfort zone”. Integrity and doing the right thing forms an important trait. Moreover, self esteem must ultimately come from within. He also introduced arrogance and cynicism as two great killer. He further mentioned about personal brand, family, friends, classmates, and professional contacts.

He ended the discussion by saying failure is not doing the right thing and not doing enough.



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