H.E.A.T 2016: Day 2: Cognito: “Big Data in Healthcare”- Mr. Partha Dey, Healthcare leader and SME, IBM Healthcare


Mr. Partha Dey started the lecture by introducing the audience to the importance of data and analytics in the micro levels of healthcare services. Data collection can be used in monitoring the attendance and availability of employees. Though the availability of employees is important, organizations should focus more on the productivity factor, which is hard to measure.

Mr. Partha Dey pointed out that lack of data for analysis has been the biggest challenge for healthcare sector. But healthcare sector has the capability to capture huge data as it involves human interaction on a large scale. He said that though manual interaction is the main source of data collection, machines connected to patients can collect data 24X7 which is more than the data collected by data driven industries like finance and telecom. Technology has played a big role with the introduction of devices like Fitbits which collect data at individual level all round the clock.

On the expectations of health care practitioners from data analytics, Mr. Partha Dey said that their main expectation is the ways in which data collected can be used to draw correlation between various variables and further be used to provide the best service to the patients. At the end of the day, data analytics helps professionals in taking better judgments. Mr. Partha Dey emphasized on the fact that the only reason for the existence of healthcare system is to make people’s life better. So, analytics should help in impacting lives positively. He also talked about how data can help in public health sector, especially in the design and implementation of policies. Mr. Partha Dey concluded by advising students on the importance of scrutiny of inputs that go into the preparation of data analytics reports.


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