H.E.A.T 2016 Day 1: Cognito: Clinical Decision Support-Mr. Partha Dey, Healthcare Leader and SME, IBM Healthcare


Mr “Partha Dey” conducted an interactive session on the topic of ‘Clinical Decision Support.

To begin the discussion Mr. Dey threw some light on what Clinical Decision Support actually is. He said earlier people used to consider God. But now the time has changed and people have started to think rationally. This had paved a way for the Clinical Decision Support System.

Taking the discussion forward, Mr. Dey said that Watson at IBM is one such super computer that has helped tremendously in healthcare department. It helps in tracking the past record of the patient and applies cognitive filtering algorithms to predict if the medication or treatment will succeed or not.

He also told that another technology that has come up outside India nowadays is EMR- The Electronic Medical Record. This contains the data of each and every individual and the past diseases and issues can be easily tracked and based on it the medications can be provided.

Thus to conclude, Mr. Partha Dey  said that these technologies are of great help to the healthcare department and can do wonders in the years to come.



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