H.E.A.T. 2016: Day 1: Cognito: “Medical Tourism – Opportunities and Experience” – Dr. Sajjan Madapaddy, Managing Director at Dynamic Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

In an interactive session with the students of TAPMI, Dr. Sajjan Madapaddy, Managing Director at Dynamic Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., gave some insights into the world of medical tourism.

Dr. Sajjan Madappady initiated the guest lecture by introducing the concept of Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism. The latter, which comprises of people touring in pursuit of a general wellness of mind and body, including the practice of Ayurveda and Yoga is currently a booming industry in India and is gaining popularity worldwide. In parallel to Wellness Tourism, Medical Tourism, people touring in search of medical treatment has found immense growth on Indian soil, especially in the cities of Chennai, Hyderabad, and Delhi.


Delving deeper into the field of Medical Tourism, the guest spoke about the career opportunities in the sector and the various roles and responsibilities involved. A Medical Tourism Facilitator, a liaison responsible for assisting patients through the process of medical tourism is fast becoming a much sought-after career opportunity in the healthcare sector. The Medical Tourism Facilitator is responsible for guiding the patients secure affordable and quality medical treatment in their country/city of preference. This involves documenting the patient’s symptoms, scheduling an appointment with a doctor, arranging transportation and staying facilities and other legal matters.

Considering Medical Tourism has become a global phenomenon, many countries have considered it a national priority. Many countries have taken up initiatives to expand medical tourism which in turn created a positive change in the economy by creating job opportunities and increasing specialization. Statistically, he quoted a number of about 50,000 to 60 million medical tourists per year around the world.

The guest also spoke about the perceived challenges in the business. Considering the large distance guests are willing to travel, affordable air connectivity and accommodation is a major challenge. Diverse cultural differences and eating habits also pose a challenge to international tourists.

The guest concluded by highlighting the pre-requisites of the business which include building trust with the patients and ensuring quality and affordable care for tourists worldwide.


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