MPOWER 2016: Day 2 – “Brand Management” – Mr. Shishir Mishra, Director – Marketing and Innovation, Kohinoor Specialty Foods



In an interactive session about Brand Management, Mr. Shishir Mishra, Director- Marketing & Innovation at Kohinoor Specialty Foods discussed the various practical aspects of building a brand. He started the session by saying, “Consistency is very important for effective Brand Communication. Standardization is the key for building and maintaining the right brand identity.”

Speaking in-depth about Brand Identity, he said that the elements of brand identity are usually permanent in nature and it is crucial for marketers to understand how the identity can be built by adding brand elements depending on the category of the product. He emphasized that the decisions of defining the brand identity largely depends on the target consumers and role of the product in their lives.

Mr. Mishra spoke about what considerations should be accounted for when a company decides to change its logo and the importance of brand elements like logo, color, slogan, etc. in making it successful. A logo should accommodate all the traits of the brand and the placement of the logo on the product packaging so that it conveys the right message.

“A Brand may not have a functional aspect, but sometimes can address consumer needs.”, said Mr. Mishra. Talking about brand personality, he said that it is necessary to decode the consumer segments and understand if the brand personality is relatable as well as in sync with the environment, character and values of the brand.

Mr. Mishra concluded the session by discussing the role of Marketing Executives in an organization. He said that we need to align ourselves with the Business objectives which mainly includes growth and profitability. He also said that getting a differentiator in the FMCG markets is tough and marketers need to really analyze the consumer lives and mindsets to understand what motivates them and what barriers they face.



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