Finomenal 2016: Day 2: Closing Ceremony

The Closing ceremony saw batch address by Prof Animesh Bahadur, Dean of Admissions, Mr. Harsh Upadhyay, Chief Guest, Prof Aditya Mohan Jadhav, BKFS- Area Chair & Convenor & Co-Convenor of Finance Forum, Ms. Shruthi Chander & Ms. Monica Veer.

Prof. Animesh Bahadur appreciated the events of FINOMENAL and explained how the events & guest lectures gave a glimpse of what the practitioners & veterans from the field of finance feel about this discipline. In his opinion, he felt that the events were fruitful and was positive that the students gained a lot from this 2 day event.

Mr. Harsh Upadhyay spoke about how the events must have given perspective to students who wish to make a career in finance and what it takes to be a finance professional. He also mentioned about how this must have been especially important for the BKFS students who are into a specialised finance program. He also mentioned about the importance of communication skills which will go a long way not only during placements but also in the corporate world.

Prof Aditya Jadhav spoke about how the Finance Forum has grown over the last 3 years. He applauded the efforts of the students, members of the various committees and the management for doing an excellent job for the event. He thanked Prof Animesh Bahadur, Ex-Director Prof RC Natarajan, Prof Seena Biju, Prof Madhu Veerraghavan, Prof Vidya, Alumni Relations Committee, Prof Surya Mahadevan & Mr Nayak & Mr Ananth Pai for taking care of all the organisational responsibilities.

The ceremony concluded with Ms. Shruthi Chander & Ms. Monica Veer expressing their thanks to all the participating teams for making the event such a success, Professors of TAPMI and the committees namely, the Student Council, Literary & Media Committee (LiMe), Welfare Committee, Alumni Relations Committee (ARC) & the Logistics Committee for their continuous support.


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