FINOMENAL 2016: DAY 1 – “Career in Financial Industry in India” – Mr. Gaurang Trivedi, Senior Investment & Management Consultant.


Mr. Gaurang Trivedi, Senior Investment & Management Consultant initiated the interactive session by taking the audience to the early stages of his professional career at Bloomberg. “It is important to be at the right place at the right time”, he reminisced. He has faced immense growth in his career over the years and gave the audience some valuable input.

According to Mr. Trivedi, the most important factor while finalizing a career choice is knowing oneself. This realization involves psychological introspection and analyzing our long-term growth and related long-term prospects in a particular career sector.

He gave brief introductions into the areas of high potential growth such as Threat Analysis, Propriety Trading and Asset Management. He emphasized the dynamic and volatile nature of the trading business and stated the need for skilled managers who are equally as dynamic.

He explained the significance of being up-to-date with the latest happenings in the finance world for budding managers. “It is a volatile and uncertain world” he said. He emphasized the need to have a broad perspective about things and not have a ‘tunnel vision’.

He ended the lecture by stating that a degree in management gives a wide range of skills which can assist us in furthering our careers.


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