SCOPE 2016: DAY 2: Wordsworth : Technological advancements in Logistics – Mr. V. Raju, Vice President, Adani Logistics

thumbnail_V. Raju-4.jpg

Mr. V. Raju, Vice President of Adani Logistics enlightened the students of TAPMI about the technological advancements in Logistics in an interactive session. Mr. Raju began the discussion by defining management. “Management according to me is the ways of Managing the men”, he said. Taking the discussion forward, he also emphasised on what Logistics actually is. He said logistics is a step-wise movement of goods. These goods first reach the shop floor, various quality and quantity checks are performed, the packaging is done and then finally there is an outflow of goods.

Moving ahead, Mr. Raju also told how Container Freight Station (CFS) operates. He gave the students an interesting insight about the movement of goods to Bonded Warehouse, General Warehouse and to the end customers. He said, “It becomes very important that the warehouse is managed by specialised logistics people”.

As the world around us is advancing today, logistics and warehousing have witnessed a revolution in their operations. Cloud computing, internet of things, WMS/TMS, RFID, Big Data have brought a drastic change in today’s supply chain management. He said the three basic terms of supply chain management are- Inventory, Delivery and Receipt. The incoming cycle along with the out-going forms one complete cycle in warehousing. Taking the discussion forward, Mr. Raju emphasised that the third party logistics service provider can be benefitted by the booming technological development in numerous ways. Two of which are- Service level improvements in logistics and provision of IT based comprehensive service.

Mr. Raju concluded this interactive session by throwing some light on how sustainability and the green environment has become important in warehousing. He said it is of utmost importance for organisations to reduce unnecessary packaging, use recyclable papers, promote rain water harvesting and reduce carbon dioxide emission.


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