S.C.O.P.E 2016: DAY 2: Wordsworth: “Procurement practices in large scale projects & role of IT in it”- Mr. Ramdas Kalmady, Procurement Head, Reliance Industries Limited


On the 11th of September, Mr. Ramdas Kalmady, Procurement Head of Reliance Industries Limited, addressed the students of TAPMI. The theme for the session was “Procurement practices in large-scale projects and role of IT in it.” Mr. Kalmady started the session with a brief introduction of what was the basic concept of procurement process and why these practices are crucial to any organization. After he laid down the core foundation for the session, he broke down the theme in various sub themes.

Mr. Ramdas Kalmady spoke about the different steps involved in procurement. Firstly, ‘selection of licensor’ is the most important factor that a vendor needs to keep in mind. According to him, the correct licensor is an integral factor in determining how smooth operations will be. Secondly, the selection of the type of PMC (Project Management Contract) is also essential. Finally, Mr. Kalmady feels that the various steps in project procurement plan like identifying materials and services, identifying long lead items and packages, procurement strategy for packages, identification of vendors, sourcing, logistics and storage at site are equally important.

Logistics has an impact on your decision”, Mr. Kalmady feels. The role of a procurement manager and IT sector is a major contributor in improving the procurement process. The role of IT includes usage of ERP-SAP. The usage of this software helps in smooth functioning of logistics. He said that eRoom for document flow will also increase efficiency. New ideas like supply chain management portal and material management cell keep the workers connected and motivated to work harder. The supplier relationship management, according to Mr. Ramdas Kalmady influences the internal workings of the company.

To conclude Mr. Kalmady said that the procurement process in large-scale industries need to be smooth otherwise their functioning and output shall be ineffective. This session ended with the students understanding what was necessary for large scale projects to function.


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