S.C.O.P.E. 2016: Day 2: Mr. Padmanabha Holla, VP- Products, Forus Health Pvt. Ltd.



This discussion was on Product development & requirements. Mr. Holla started the discussion by giving an example of Arvind Eye care. They have been successful with reducing the cost of eye care & using the intraocular lens for cataract surgeries.

The company identified two problems. First, people come late for treatment. Second, there are not enough doctors to help. According to him, there are about only 20,000 ophthalmologists in India, clearly indicating a dearth of such professionals. They analysed this problem & came up with solutions. Their product was portable & was specially designed for India. Its main market segment in India are the individual ophthalmologists. The automatic recognition algorithm focuses on identifying people with eye issues and sending their details to the individual ophthalmologists. It is connected to telemedicine, unlike other products. To keep the processing low, they have kept the display, processing and storage separate.

As a company, they profile their customers, understand how consumers benefit from their products, focus on how to increase consumer belief through accreditations & certifications, benchmark competition, define what differentiates them from their competitors & how they define requirements in user language. They believe that with respect to understanding their customers, they are aware that to know their needs & expectations, it is not the customers who will inform them about it but it is something that has to be derived from them. The session ended with a Q & A session with the students.


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