S.C.O.P.E.2016: Day 2: Wordsworth: “Big Data and Analytics in Airlines”- Mr. Raj Sivakumar, Senior VP, WNS Global Services


Mr. Raj Sivakumar, Senior VP of WNS Global Services conducted an interactive session with the students of TAPMI and delivered a speech on ‘Big Data and Analytics in Airlines.’ He explained that Big Data was, “Extremely large data sets that may be analysed computationally to reveal patterns trends and associations. Especially relating to human behaviour and interactions.” This is concept has been prevalent for a long time but 50% of big data has been gathered over the last decade. Mr. Sivakumar feels that this itself implies how the generation is moving online.

Mr. Sivakumar told the students that airlines were the actual pioneers in the usage of price optimization analytics across the enterprise with the help of Big Data. He said Big Data helped the airlines in understanding the behaviour and consumption pattern of the customers. This leveraging of data helped in the business advantage. But the problem with using so much data available online is that every reservation and booking a customer makes leaves a trail. Mr. Sivakumar feels that automation to a certain extent is good. It increases the efficiency and information is available easily. Mr. Sivakumar told the students, “distribution strategy that does not heavily emphasize social and mobile channels and the analysis of big data derived from them will fail.” This millennial generation is moving to the online channel. These channels are to be tapped if they are to be reached. In today’s world, if the marketing strategy is not using online channels or taking the help of Big Data, they have high chances of failing.

Mr. Raj Sivakumar opened up the session to address the questions of the students. He concluded the session by answering the various queries. He even gave a glimpse of how the world may move to a fully automated one in the next few decades. The students got a peek into the world of Big Data.


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