S.C.O.P.E 2016: Day 2: Wordsworth: “Relevance and significance of digitalization in today’s industrial scenario especially in automobile industry” – Ms. Jyoti Jain, National Head of Marketing, Shriram Automall India Ltd (SAMIL)


The guest lecture started off with a powerful quote: “Everyone has a digital existence.” Ms. Jyoti Jain spoke of importance of digital infrastructure to every citizen and how it leads to their empowerment. Changing times have ensured that each individual is present online through at least one form of social media especially in the urban areas.

The students were shown impressive statistics about the automobile industry in the year 2015-16: 2.3 crore units were produced, 2.05 crore vehicles were sold, Rs. 4.5 lakh crore was the turnover and it is also the 5th largest producer in the world. Despite the prevalence of digitization, the physical approach is a key component. People would still prefer to inspect cars physically before making a purchase. Ms. Jain also emphasized key marketing trends such as feedback/reviews, better inline tools leading to better conversion and online fixed price quotation. However, there are myriad challenges while marketing through social media such as increasing traffic, creating content, measuring effectiveness, monetizing of social media, acquiring fans & followers, maintaining uniform communication, obtaining a budget, creating concept/campaigns, interacting with fans and formulating response management and social media policy. There is also increased spending in the area of digital advertising. Adding to the information, the students were shown footage about Shriram Automall and the bidding process followed by them.

The latter part of the lecture focused more on the role of people in an automobile industry. Ms. Jain posited that connectivity, customer relations and strategy implementation are an integral part of the entire process. Finally, she gave specific advice to the students reiterating that passion is the main ingredient for any career and it will motivate once to advance further in their professional lives.



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