S.C.O.P.E 2016: Day 1: Wordsworth: “Smart Sanitation for a Smarter India”- Mr. Rajeev Kher, Founder & MD, 3S & Sara Plast Pvt. Ltd.


Mr. Rajeev Kher, Founder & MD of 3S & Sara Plast Pvt. Ltd. held an interactive session with the students of T. A. Pai Management Institute. He spoke about a topic which is often considered as a taboo: sanitation. The main theme for the session was “Smart Sanitation for a Smarter India.” Mr. Kher reflected on the time when he was based in USA and all the NRIs could complain about were the hygiene conditions in India. This is what intrigued him to change the way of things back home and he left USA breaking the popular trend.

He pointed out that even though India is growing and developing in all sectors, sanitation is the only field where development is stagnant. Sanitation business he says, is a field no one wants to enter. Since there are fewer people willing to initiate change thus, the way things are working is not improving. The correct approach to develop sanitation in India, according to Mr. Kher, is through a sustainable method. The social barriers need to be broken down and people need to start discussing this issue of improper sanitation.

Another reason as to why people didn’t participate actively was because of the standardization of the job. People don’t get enough respect for the work they do in this ‘dirty’ business. Mr. Kher said that his company invests in these workers and gives them the respect they deserve for their work. Inspiring people to work and make India cleaner is the only way this businesses can attract people. There needs to be a shift in the way management works and handles their employees. The way the sanitation business is going to work is evolving too. Mr. Kher said that inclusion of modern equipment, high quality product, IoT (Soch-o-Maat app) and data analytics for gathering information are going to be the game changers. His company Sara Plast Pvt. Ltd. has various new initiatives lied up to make India a cleaner place.


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