S.C.O.P.E 2016: Day 1: Wordsworth: “Enlightenment on military supply chain management: The science of planning and carrying out the movement and maintenance of armed forces – Focus on Kargil Operations” : Colonel Atul Holkar, Senior VP, RJ Corp Retail


Colonel Atul Holkar resumed his guest lecture by speaking about the relevance of supply chain management in the Indian army. He posited that the supply chain isn’t glamorous, it aids in the positive or negative outcome of battles. He paraphrased the words of Admiral E.J.King to state that war isn’t about machines or production, it is centered around logistics.

The main content of the lecture focused on the importance of supply chain management in the Indian Army. Colonel Holkar emphasized that the aim of an enemy’s attack is to interdict the supply chain. The Indian Army has two primary motives: to ensure national security and to provide humanitarian support to civil authority.  The supply chain of the army consists of three critical phases from the acquirement to the usage of weaponry. The military consists of various corps including medical, ordinance, service and remounted veterinary. However, the issues with supply chain management arises due to agencies, foresight and planning, spread, size, information secrecy, dynamics, zero fall and war/peace planning. The main motive is the efficient planning of men and material. The optimum allocation of resources is to be done in such a manner that the ultimate goals are met. Colonel Holkar also showed the students unseen Kargil war footage so that they may understand the intensity and depths underlying within. He also took them through the background of the war interspersed with relevant timelines. The Kargil War was the most expensive war to be fought in terms of monetary loss as well lives lost. It had a huge impact on the Indian population as a whole. He posited that wars cannot be won without a foolproof supply chain management to implement the necessary measures.

The key takeaway from the lecture was the unique psyche of an army officer. Colonel Holkar emphasized that the motivation to serve one’s unit, people and country comes from within and not with the promise of monetary incentives. The lecture concluded with footage of brave soldiers who had given up their lives during the war. It was a reminder of the sacrifices they had made irrespective of what they were losing. In the end it all comes down to winning wars whether it’s the army or corporate.



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