S.C.O.P.E. 2016: Day 1: Wordsworth : “Operations, according to me is a common sense”- Mr. Rohan Patil, Chief Operations Officer, Entropy Innovations Pvt. Ltd.


Mr. Rohan Patil, in an interesting session with the students of TAPMI, spoke about “The Role of Operations in a Start-Up”. He started by highlighting that ‘Operations’ according to him is a common sense. The students actively participated in the discussion.

Mr. Patil described the various trade-offs such as purchase trade-offs, marketing trade-offs, finance trade-offs and HR trade-offs, that a start-up needs to endure in order to withstand the market reality. He also stressed upon the point that the start-ups face problems due to limited capital and told how various strategies and plans of actions are decided to tackle these problems. Another major concern for the start-ups is marketing. With a limited number of people knowing about their organisation and unavailability of capital to invest for marketing, it becomes challenging to promote these start-ups.

He spoke about the relevance of conventional market research and online marketing to the current generation start-ups. He stated some cases where online STP (Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning) did not turn out to be as expected.

Moving forward, Mr. Patil explained how Entropy Innovations Pvt. Ltd. being a start-up, is overcoming practical difficulties. Different competitors give a different kind of offering in different cities and it is important to be dynamic. While customers in one city might spend more in certain services, customers in another city might not. He also explained the students about different kind of franchise models like COCO, FOFO and FOCO, their advantages and their disadvantages.

Mr. Patil concluded the session by addressing various questions that were raised by the students. The questions were about the two-wheeler industry as a whole, customers’ mindset about bike-wash, crowd funding etc.


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