S.C.O.P.E 2016: Day 1: Wordsworth: “Knowing your true North”- Mr. Sriram Natarajan, CEO, Nals Academy



Mr. Sriram Natarajan, Chief Executive Officer, Nals Academy, conducted a very thought provoking session. He started the discussion by saying that out of the 26 years of work experience he has had, he spent about 8 years wherein he had to constantly do things which made him step out of his comfort zone. It was this experience which helped him grow and learn how to stay put in difficult situations. He spoke about “Finding your true North” or understanding the direction in which one is headed and accordingly aligning one’s actions & behaviour to achieve that objective. He explained how in Toyota’s case, finding the true North meant achieving a goal of zero defect. If one is aware of their true North or where one wants to be, not only does this better their chances of reaching there, it also makes the journey pleasant.

He further spoke about how important it is to be passionate about one’s work and find something that drives us. He gave his own example of how coaching & developing senior leaders drove him. Next, he said that to be able to do what one wants to do, one must understand what one needs to do to reach there. This involves picking the right set of actions to achieve the objective. And finally, one must know and accept the sacrifices that need to be made during this journey. He concluded the session by explaining the difference between having a fixed and a growth mindset and how it has an impact on students & future managers. He indicated that students must learn to have a growth mindset where one must believe that talent & intelligence can be developed through the right amount of effort instead of believing that they are fixed & cannot be improved upon.

The session was extremely interactive and the students felt completely engaged. Mr. Sriram Natarajan gave a personal account which helped the students stay connected.


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