S.C.O.P.E 2016 – SMART INDIA: Revolutionizing Supply Chain and Manufacturing 2020 – Inauguration Ceremony


S.C.O.P.E 2016 – the two-day operations conclave of T. A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal started off on 10th September, with the theme “SMART INDIA: Revolutionizing Supply Chain and Manufacturing 2020”. The Chief Guest of the event was Mr. Raj Sivakumar, Corporate Senior Vice President and Head Travel Strategy and Technology at WNS Global Services and the keynote speaker was Dr. S Devarajan – Senior Vice President, TVS Motors. Dr. R. C. Natrajan, Director, TAPMI and Prof. Debmallya Chatterjee, Area Chairman of Operations TAPMI were also present among the dignitaries.

While sharing his thoughts about S.C.O.P.E 2016, Dr. R. C. Natrajan told the students, “Operations is not only efficiency based, there is a lot of emotional intelligence one has to exercise.” He also spoke about how human adaptation will be the mantra of the day. He left the students with many questions, in the field of operations to introspect upon. He then declared the event open. Further, Prof. Debmallya Chatterjee briefed upon the philosophy of S.C.O.P.E (Supply Chain and Operations Exposition). He said this is a great opportunity for students to learn from industry stalwarts. Harshal Sharma, convener of Operations forum – TAPMI, highlighted the events of S.C.O.P.E. He said the fourth edition of the event is getting bigger and better this year and hoped that it will grow to even greater heights. There will be knowledge sharing and interactions through 4 panel discussions, 16 guest lectures, and 3 events.

The Chief-Guest, Mr. Raj Sivakumar said that India is one of the fastest growing economies and that the excitement, energy, and enthusiasm is unbeatable here. Supply chain and services are about trade-offs, and offsetting the negatives with the positives will be key to solving issues. He mentioned that the advent of GST, hopefully, is going to overcome the localized tax regimes. He said, smart manufacturing and smart cities will benefit society at large. Dr. S Devarajan, the keynote speaker, spoke on the topic – Manufacturing Excellence and Innovation. He reiterated the words of the previous speaker on how there will be trade-offs in every activity. He started by talking about how mobility and information will be key aspects for consumers. There is a huge potential in India since penetration is very low. There are only 35 cars for every 1000 people and 90 two-wheelers for every 1000 people. India will utilize smart manufacturing, sensors, engineering base and ERP which will increase competition resulting in better quality. Inter-connectivity and traceability will be instrumental in bringing visibility to supply chain processes, which will reduce lead time. He concluded by saying automation will influence the education system to leap to the next level.

With the dignitaries imparting their knowledge, the inauguration came to a close, but marked the opening of S.C.O.P.E. 2016. The next two days are going to be an enriching and stimulating experience.



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